Server Upgrade June 7, 2018

We will be moving, and to bigger, more powerful servers on 06/07/18. During this time, direct video uploading will be disabled on all the sites. The reason we need to temporarily disable video uploads is because we are physically moving all the site’s files and databases from one server to another. If new files are added during this time it will slow down the process. Also, files added during this transition may not get moved to the new server. is a very large site so this process will take at least 24 hours to complete. 

Keeping a video sharing site up is not an easy or cheap task. Making sure a site of this nature is on an infrastructure that can support large video files being uploaded daily is very expensive. This server upgrade is our second major server upgrade within the last 5 months (last upgrade was in Feb). We ask that the community help support and keep alive by upgrading to a Pro Member account or making a donation. We currently have a little over 7000 channels on but less than 30 Pro Members. At this rate BlackJunction.Tv wont survive another server upgrade.

As always, thank you all for you support! If you have questions please contact us using the button below.

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