About Black Junction

How we got here

We started this organization in 2015, with blackmainstreet.net. The idea for that platform was a Social Networking site for Black Owned Businesses. We hoped to give Black Business Owners a platform that would help increase sales and recirculate the black dollar within our communities. The site did well, however many of the members started to express the need for a site that allowed them to easily interact with customers and not just other business owners. So after considering the options for a while we decided to change the direction of the platform.

We needed to start over from the beginning. We couldnt completely change the site into something different and transfer the members without their permission. Which meant we would go from almost 7000 current members back to 0. We built a new platform for the Black community as a whole, not just Black business owners.

We launched BlackJunction.com in November 2016 and we have been building and growing the platform every month since then.

The owners and founders are Yusuf and Anthony, two Black men who grew up next door to each other in Newark, NJ. After over 30 years of friendship and constant conversations about the state of Black people in this country, they decided to stop talking and start doing. BlackMainStreet.net, BlackJunction.com and BlackJunction.tv were created out of a need to try and do our part in helping build the Black Community.

All three of the platforms have been consistently growing since their launches – BlackMainStreet.net in 2015, BlackJunction.com in 2016 and BlackJunction.tv in 2017.

Our Mission

The ultimate mission of Black Junction LLC is to build platforms that empower the Black Community by giving us more control of the media we consume.

Six corporations control 90% of what we watch, read and hear everyday. That means they control and influence the world. It goes without saying that none of these corporations are Black owned or have the Black communities best interests at heart.

These media giants have the ability to paint whatever picture they want of any situation, this allows them to easily push public opinion in any direction they choose. Our goal is to help change the playing field. We recognize that the Black community has no real voice in this world. We are utilizing platforms that don’t care about us or our issues to communicate with each other. We utilize white own businesses to post about the lack of black business support. We contradict our own movements to keep money in the Black Community by raising money for it on non black owned platforms. We complain about being silenced when we speak about black issues on social media sites but continue to use those same sites as soon as our accounts are unsuspended. This has to end.

We feel that building a strong media network for the Black Community is extremely important to us becoming more self sufficient. Obviously there are many more things that we need to do as a community but these 3 things are our focus at Black Junction. We plan to build a Black Media network large enough to rival the Media Giants, but we can do that without your help and support.

Here are some ways you can help us continue to build platform into a monumental network:

  • Sign up on BlackJunction.com and BlackJunction.tv and become an active part of the online community.
    • It costs nothing to sign up and BJ has the same features as any other social networking site. Don’t spend hours out of your day interacting on FB, IG and Twitter and not take some time to come to Black Junction and support a platform built by the Black Community and for the Black Community.
  • Spread the word about BJ and BMS
  • Donate
    • Running a social networking site isn’t cheap or easy. If you are able to show support by donating whatever you can, we will be able to build and grow this platform faster. You can make a one time donation or become a Monthly supporter for just $5/mo.
  • Give us your feedback
    • We are building platforms for the Black community and we need input from the Black community to build the best platforms we can. Please share any ideas, comments, or suggestions you have.

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