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Black Junction is a social media and video sharing platform for the Black community, by the Black community! was officially launched on September 12, 2016. was officially launched in January of 2018. Both sites have been growing rapidly ever since.  Black Junction is all about connecting the Black Community and giving us a place online where we can discuss issues that affect our community without fear of being silenced!

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What the money will be used for

We will use 100% of the money raised to fund Black Junction’s growth. Starting with Advertising and Marketing, then Mobile and Desktop Development, and Site hosting and Server upgrades.

Advertising and Marketing

A large portion of the money raised will go towards a strategic advertising campaign. We plan to hire a Black owned advertising company (leave recommendations in the comments below) to help us put together an advertising campaign that will reach as many people in the Black community as possible.

Mobile and Desktop Development

Black Junction is in its beginning stages. We have put a lot into building a platform that is user-friendly, functional, and fun as possible, however we have a lot more to do. A portion of the money raised in this fundraising campaign, will go to the implementation of new features and functionalities to the mobile site, app and desktop version. Some new features pending implementation are: an events system, more options for businesses to sell items and services on the site, a native mobile app with push notifications, and a mobile messenger app.

Hosting and Server upgrades is growing at a rapid pace. In order to ensure the site can support all the new users and activity, we will need to increase our server capacity. As the site grows larger and larger, we will have to increase our hosting and server capacity. A portion of this fundraiser will go towards moving us from our current servers, to one with a higher CPU, storage, and memory capacity. This will allow us to ensure that we can support the growing community, and keep the site running smooth and effortless.

Our Mission

The ultimate mission of Black Junction LLC is to build platforms that empower the Black Community by giving us more control of the media we consume. Six corporations control 90% of what we watch, read and hear everyday. That means they control and influence the world. It goes without saying that non of these corporations are Black owned or have the Black communities best interests at heart. These media giants have the ability to paint whatever image they want of any situation. The can easily push public opinion in any direction they want. Our goal is to help change the playing field. We recognize that the Black community has no real voice in this world. We are utilizing platforms that don’t care about us or our issues to communicate with each other. We utilize white own businesses to post about the lack of black business support. Contradict our own movements to keep money in the Black Community by raising money for it on non black owned platforms. We complain about being silenced when we speak about black issues on social media sites but continue to use those same sites as soon as our accounts are unsuspended. This has to end.

Our plan is 3 fold. Page one was to establish a platform that we could desimenate information affects the black community. Current Events, News, History, Business and more. We did this by launching in late 2015.

Phase 2 was to establish a place that he Black Community connect, discuss, learn, and build with each other online without being shut down for being to “pro-black”. We did this by launching in late 2016.

The final phase in our plan is establish a platform that will allow Black Businesses to advertise and reach more Black consumers. This is were the Black Business Advertising Network comes into play. The BBAN will be a complete  advertising placement service similar to Google adsense. BBAN is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. This network will consist entirely of Black Owned Businesses.

We feel that building a strong media network for the Black Community is extremely important to use becoming more self suffient. Obviously there are many more things that we need to do as a community to be where we need to be but these 3 things are our focus at Black Junction. We plan to build a Black Media network large enough to rival the Media Giants, but we can do that without your help and support. Here are some ways you can help us continue to build platform into a monumental network:

  • Sign up on and become an active part of the online community.
    • It costs nothing to sign up and BJ has the same features as any other social networking site. Don’t you spend hours out of your day interacting on FB and IG and Twitter and not take some time to come to Bj and support a platform built by the Black Community and for the Black Community.
  • Spread the word about BJ and BMS
  • Donate
    • Running a social networking site isn’t cheap or easy. If you are able to show support by donating whatever you can, we will be able to build and grow this platform faster. You can make a one time donation or become a Monthly supporter for just $5/mo.
  • Give us your feedback

Recent Supporters

  • $5 – Colby Rice – 08/13/18
  • $5 – Venessa Petteway – 08/12/18
  • $100 – Anonymous – 08/11/18
  • $5 – Anonymous – 08/11/18
  • $20 – Vivid Reggae – 08/11/18
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  • $100 – Dennis Taylor – 08/08/18
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  • $50 – Abida Al Aswad – 08/07/18
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  • $100 – Angel Ezediaro – 07/31/18
  • $100 – Phillip Bailey – 07/31/18
  • $10 – Stanley Brewer – 07/31/18
  • $100 – Anonymous – 07/28/18
  • $5 – Anonymous – 07/27/18
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  • $10 – Hugh Heywood – 07/27/18
  • $20 – Anonymous – 07/26/18
  • $5 – Harold E. Jackson – 07/26/18
  • $5 – Anonymous – 07/25/18
  • $5 – Shaquille Brown – 07/25/18
  • $10 -Nina Cadet – 07/23/18
  • $5 – Romeo Burke – 07/23/18
  • $10 – Vasel Glass – 07/21/18
  • $20 – Sev Seven – 07/20/18
  • $15 – Davon Marshall – 07/20/18
  • $100 – Anonymous – 07/20/18
  • $10 -Chauntney Johnson – 07/20/18
  • $5 – Elaine Zangazanga – 06/15/18
  • $5 – Anonymous – 06/27/18
  • $10 -Lance Morrison – 06/24/18
  • $10 – Charles Merriweather – 06/22/18
  • $5 – Elaine Zangazanga – 06/21/18
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