What video formats are accepted for upload on BJTv?

Below is a list of all the video formats we currently accept on BlackJunction.tv:

Group Format type Format name
ISO/IEC/ITU-T Video MPEG-1 Part 2H.261 (Px64),[26] H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2H.263,[26] MPEG-4 Part 2H.264/MPEG-4 AVCHEVC/H.265[20] (MPEG-H Part 2), Motion JPEG, IEC DV video and CD+G
Audio MP1MP2MP3AACHE-AACMPEG-4 ALSG.711 µ-law, G.711 A-law, G.721 (a.k.a. G.726 32k), G.722G.722.2 (a.k.a. AMR-WB), G.723 (a.k.a. G.726 24k and 40k), G.723.1G.726G.729G.729D, IEC DV audio and Direct Stream Transfer
Subtitle MPEG-4 Timed Text (a.k.a. 3GPP Timed Text)
Alliance for Open Media Video AV1[27]
EIA Subtitle EIA-608
CEA Subtitle CEA-708
SMPTE Video SMPTE 314M (a.k.a. DVCAM and DVCPRO), SMPTE 370M (a.k.a. DVCPRO HD), VC-1 (a.k.a. WMV3), VC-2 (a.k.a. Dirac Pro), VC-3 (a.k.a. AVID DNxHD)
Audio SMPTE 302M
Image DPX
ATSC/ETSI/DVB Audio Full Rate (GSM 06.10), AC-3 (Dolby Digital), Enhanced AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus) and DTS Coherent Acoustics (a.k.a. DTS or DCA)
Subtitle DVB Subtitling (ETSI 300 743)
DVD Forum/Dolby Audio MLP / Dolby TrueHD
Subtitle DVD-Video subtitles
DTS, Inc/QDesign Audio DTS Coherent Acoustics (a.k.a. DTS or DCA), DTS Extended Surround (a.k.a. DTS-ES), DTS 96/24DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS Express (a.k.a. DTS-HD LBR), DTS-HD Master AudioQDesign Music Codec 1 and 2
Blu-ray Disc Association Subtitle PGS (Presentation Graphics Stream)
3GPP Audio AMR-NBAMR-WB (a.k.a. G.722.2)
3GPP2 Audio QCELP-8 (a.k.a. SmartRate or IS-96C), QCELP-13 (a.k.a. PureVoice or IS-733) and Enhanced Variable Rate Codec (EVRC. a.k.a. IS-127)
World Wide Web Consortium Video Animated GIF
Subtitle WebVTT
Image GIF
IETF Audio iLBC (via libilbc), Opus and Comfort noise
International Voice Association Audio DSS-SP
SAC Video AVS video
Microsoft Video Microsoft RLEMicrosoft Video 1CinepakIndeo (v2, v3 and v5),[26] Microsoft MPEG-4 v1, v2 and v3, Windows Media Video (WMV1, WMV2, WMV3/VC-1), WMV Screen and Mimic codec
Audio Windows Media Audio (WMA1, WMA2, WMA Pro and WMA Lossless), XMA (XMA1 and XMA2), MS-GSM and MS-ADPCM
Subtitle SAMI
Image Windows BitmapWMV Image (WMV9 Image and WMV9 Image v2) and DirectDraw Surface
Interactive Multimedia Association Audio IMA ADPCM
Digital Video Interactive Video RTV 2.1 (Intel Indeo 2)
Audio DVI4 audio codec
RealNetworks Video RealVideo Fractal Codec (a.k.a. Iterated Systems ClearVideo), 1, 2, 3 and 4
Audio RealAudio v1 – v10
Subtitle RealText
Apple Video Cinepak (Apple Compact Video), ProResSorenson 3 CodecQuickTime Animation (Apple Animation), QuickTime Graphics (Apple Graphics), Apple VideoApple Intermediate Codec and Pixlet
Audio ALAC
Adobe Flash Player (SWF) Video Screen video, Screen video 2, Sorenson Spark and VP6
Audio Adobe SWF ADPCM and Nellymoser Asao
Aldus / Adobe Image TIFF and PSD
Xiph.Org Video Theora
Audio Speex (via libspeex), VorbisOpus and FLAC
Subtitle Ogg Writ
Sony Audio Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC1, ATRAC3 and ATRAC3Plus)[26][28] and PSX ADPCM
NTT Audio TwinVQ
On2 / GIPS / Google Video Duck TrueMotion 1, Duck TrueMotion 2, Duck TrueMotion 2.0 Real Time, VP3VP5,[26] VP6,[26] VP7VP8VP9[19] and animated WebP
Audio DK ADPCM Audio 3/4On2 AVC and iLBC (via libilbc)
Image WebP
RAD Game Tools Video Smacker video and Bink video
DSP Group Audio Truespeech
RenderWare Video TXD[29]
Netpbm Image PBM, PGM, PPM, PNM and PAM
MIT/X Consortium/The Open Group Image XBMXPM and xwd
Silicon Graphics Video Silicon Graphics RLE 8-bit video, Silicon Graphics MVC1/2
Image Silicon Graphics Image
Oracle/Sun Microsystems Image Sun Raster
IBM Video IBM UltiMotion
Avid Technology / Truevision Video Avid 1:1x, Avid Meridien, Avid DNxHD and DNxHR
Image Targa
Autodesk / Alias Video Autodesk Animator Studio Codec and FLIC
Image Alias PIX
Grass Valley / Canopus Video HQ, HQA, HQX and Lossless
NewTek Video SpeedHQ
Industrial Light & Magic / Lucasfilm Image OpenEXR
Mozilla Corporation Video APNG
Matrox Video Matrox Uncompressed SD (M101) / HD (M102)
Asus Video ASUS V1/V2 codec
Spruce Technologies Subtitle Spruce subtitle (STL)

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