When Barack Obama was elected president of the united states I remember my reaction was something like, "Huh, go figure.". You see I was one of those hopeless one's that observed that the country was faaaar to racist to ever elect a Black man as president. And if they DID elect a Black man president he would be assassinated. I remember when the race was called I felt like I had been transported to another dimension where racism wasn't as prevalent as I had believed. None the less the realization was 'yes, the non racist americans out number the racist americans, but the racist americans are reeeeaally racist.'.

Fast forward to the here and now I feel like I've returned home from Oz to the american that I knew once before. Of course the fact remains that the non crazies outnumber the crazies, but the problem is the crazies are running the asylum. I'm not being hyperbolic by the way at a certain point the modern day racist go beyond racism into psychosis. The racist of today will kill a Black person with absolutely no regret or remorse. As a matter of fact, they believe they are doing the world a favor. Now granted these crazies are few, but they are very much supported by those who although they may not pull the trigger will readily provide the bullets for extinction of the Black race.

What the election showed us in raw numbers is that there are 60 million hard racist in america. 99% of them being white. Seeing as how not everybody votes I estimate there's at least 10 million who are also of that same mentality. These numbers reflect those who voted for Trump. And seeing as how Trump ran his entire campaign on hate for...well, for everybody there's no sense in asserting there was any other motivation other than hate. Granted the rich folks just want there tax breaks, but they realize those tax breaks come at the expense of crushing everybody else. These greedy S.O.B.'s also make up 1% of that percentage so mathematically speaking because there is approximately 140 million white folks in america at least HALF of these people are racist. Again this is no longer theory it is fact based off of recorded numbers from official sources i.e. the voting public.

Now that Trump is president he has filled half the executive branch with Neo Nazis and Klansmen and half with billionaire pariah vampire kleptocrats. This does not bode well for us. These people will dedicate the next four years to destroying the entire Black community. I'm no conspiracy theorist but if you would have told me 6 months ago a guy who's dad was KKK that was publicly supported by Nazis and had a history of discriminating against Black folks all the way to inciting violence against Black folks at his rally would be elected president I would have told you to put down the pipe and back away slowly..and yet, here we are.

What most folks don't seem to realize is we are headed towards a slave state or a communist state. Out of 2.5 million prisoners in the penal system 1 million of them are Black. We only make up 12% of the population. The laws and more importantly the racist cops are targeting us for prison where we will work in chains to do labor for private prisons that make billions of dollars on the stock market through either manufacturing of stock exchange This is the working definition of slavery. The system itself refers to prisons as institutions. Slavery was never abolished it was institutionalized. The night Trump was elected private prison stock shot up 60%. Then there's his ties with Vladimir Putin who has Trumps balls in a vice like grip. By having Trump transform the U.S. into a fascist state Putin will be able to siphon all of america's resources and capitalistic gains for himself. By owning the POTUS he owns the combined military might for world domination. I know, I know, you think this all sounds crazy right? Did I mention that the POTUS is blocking the press, sending out all his surrogates on every media to push his pro Russia ties, and threatening anybody and everybody that disagrees with him? This shit seems like a dystopian sci fi but no. No, I'm afraid this is all going on right now as you read this.

So, what's the solution? How do we survive this? Because folks, we are all out of options. There's only 45 million of us so we are horribly outnumbered, therefore a military option is out of the question. We would have to wait until the next election cycle to achieve anything politically. [Oh, and while we're on that politically those tiny little local election for commissioners, and chairman, and council members, you know the ones that most people ignore? Those people make up a significant percentage of the electorate. You know the 'electorate' that thing that got Trump elected in the first place. And you know how those people get in those positions? By a 'popular' vote. So if only three rural white folks(you know the ones that don't like us), show up to vote people in that reflect their mentality then Trump happens.]. So, where does that leave us? Economics.

Understanding the power structure is vital to survival and success. Unions, corporations, politicians in that order. The reason why unions are at the top is because it is the closest thing to democracy in action as your going to get. the more people you have that use pull their combined monetary resources the more power you have to sway a corporation's influence of politicians who make the laws that essentially enslave us. Unionize and liberation is guaranteed. And we have that ability through the system in which we live. Capitalism.

Like the electorate, capitalism was set up in a way that was against us. Also like the electorate if used strategically, capitalism is the most powerful tool we have to escape what is very much coming. If you look at the Black community in america as a corporation we are too big to fail. We generate a trillion dollar gross. The only problem is instead of maintaining our net worth we consume from others and therefore that money never stays within the community. If you look at the Black community as a country we import more than we export i.e. we buy more stuff from other folks than sell more stuff to other folks. Countries that do this usually find themselves to be a failed state. So, by trapping the Black dollar within the community we will no longer be minorities we will be an empire.

A trillion dollars divided by 45 million people equates to about $20k for every Black person in america. What would you do if you received a check for $20,000 dollars in the mail tomorrow? If you got together with 10 of your best friends that's $200k. That's enough to start your own business. If you 10 of your friends pulled 10 of their friends in on the deal that's $2,000,000.00. That would be like a neighborhood full of people that would have the capital to create a neighborhood police, urban farm, bank, media outlet, and neighborhood infrastructure.

Of course this is all academic. But we can move towards this reality by buying Black all the time. And for those Black owned businesses that are struggling we can support them so they will be up to par with the competition outside of the community. By contributing to crowd funding and business startups for those who are putting forth the effort to build for themselves we can increase more businesses and industry for all our wants and needs thereby economically liberating ourselves from 400 years of socioeconomic oppression and more urgently what's to come.

But we all have to get on the same page. 45 million Black folks on the same page means we change the entire course of history right. Now. In all reality, we have no choice at this point. We have no more time for divisiveness and separatism within the community. Unity can no longer be a catchphrase, it must be an action plan. Hope and prayer is all well and good but we've been doing that for 400 years and counting. Strategy is what's going to start us down the right path and action is how we reach our destination. So it's now or never. Because once it hits the fan, we're all going to shit.