I suggest the following [BLACK OWNED] Pre-Paid METAL DEBIT CARD that has an Auto Rewards feature, be used NATIONWIDE to lift ourselves to economic freedom COLLECTIVELY by ALL getting this card whenever a Black person offers you an INVITATION. You must be invited to access the card by a card holder, so when someone offers it, TAKE IT AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT TOWARD BLACK INDEPENDENCE! An indigenous organization is joining up with a non-profit card holder organization in planning a HUGE NATIONWIDE Junteenth Celebration 2019 Celebrating Black Economic Freedom through cardholder status! #GetYoursToday



An EMERGENCY CALL-TO-ACTION to Black America to refocus their energy, resources and dollars to help themselves build better communities.

To join the Black Independence Movement, email your name, state, membership level, and phone number so we can add you to a team in your state. Membership dues $1.00 per month for standard members, $5.00 per month for Leadership members.

Albert Wells
Founder/Planning & Strategy Committee
EMAIL: echo.wells1965@gmail.com