Where my gamers at??? Here is where we will connect and share our experiences of being a Black gamer. Introduce yourself and post your PSN name/ Gamer Tag to game with your fellow Gods & Goddesses. Post your opinions, share your achievements, show us some clips. Happy gaming ✊

What's up all, Just a short intro of myself

My Gamertag is SoleSlySoul and you can find me on Xb1. My Nintendo Name is Soul, I would give y'all my Friend code but my New 3DS is broken and half but that's another story. The games I have for my Xbox is:
NBA 2k18
Monster Hunter World
Battlefield 4
Dying Light
MvC Infinity
Player Unknown Battle Ground
and others but I can't think of them right now.
There are other things about myself but since this is a gaming group I'll just keep it gaming.

Did Assassin's Creed Origins lighten the skin color of the main character?

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