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The Black Global Village is officially now on Black Junction. Support Black Owned Social Media. Share around. Join the exodus. This is part of a bigger post which we plan to do either here or somewhere else where some truth bombs are going to be launched against some hypocrites. Do not say support Black and then KEEP POSTING on white social media.
Please Like and Share and tell your friends to JOIN Black Junction. We have the power because we ARE the power.

We now have a Video Channel:

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White lawmakers force Colin Kaepernick out of Black History Month Honors

wife of the murderer of Laquan McDonald upset that Van Dyke was BEATEN UP in prison. CRY ME A RIVER.

Murderer of Laquan Mcdonald KKKop Jason Van Dyke attacked and beaten in a Connecticut prison. Salute to the Brothers!

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  • Welcome to the Black Global Village on Black Junction where we celebrate the cultures,the societies and discuss the social issues of the Black world.