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We filmed our first show on 7/3/2020 through a ZOOM MEETING. It will air later this fall on Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV platforms.


A follower and good friend and business owner asked me this question this morning and I thought it would be a great post.


At what stage do you recommend someone starts to leverage an OTT Network?

I find this to be a very insightful question because not every business owner will be ready to use an OTT Network or its’ systems if they do not have some things in place.

Any business that wants to engage an OTT Network to expand its reach, get more traffic, and make more sales must think strategically about a few things.

1) How would my audience be able to get in touch with me? Will they call you, go to your website, email you, send in a letter? This is a critical issue and must make sense of the system you will be using.

If you are using the TV for example you may want your potential customers to call you or go to your website. However, if you are using Social Media you may want them to email you or go to your website. And for Radio you may want them to call in. A Podcaster may want people to go to a web address. Each OTT platform has a different preferred way to reach their targeted audience.

2) Another issue that should be addressed is the business owner’s response to people’s requests to accept their offer.

The business owner must be ready to respond right away to anyone who has questions but also to those who wish to purchase their offers.

3) As business owners look towards taking their marketing to the highest levels of marketing and advertising, they need to think about the clarity of their message.

By this, I mean that your message needs to address the audience's pain issues clearly. Your audience needs to say to themselves…’ yes that is me’ and they need to do it in a matter of 15 seconds for a TV commercial, 15 minutes for an TV infomercial, and 20 minutes for a TV show or a show with a series. This understanding should apply to every form of OTT service being used. The rest of the show needs to be dedicated to addressing the cure for the pain identified.

4) Another focus is the business owners’ goals that need to be considered. Each business owner should ask themselves, “what am I trying to accomplish”?

What is the goal you are trying to reach? Are you seeking to get leads? Are you seeking to make sales? Are you seeking to take a Poll? What results are you seeking at the end of your Marketing and/or advertising?

The answer to this question will determine what direction you will go in on your OTT Networks.

These are some of the most important things every business owner needs to have in place before they look seriously at using an OTT system.

I find that most business owners do better when they are coached through the process. This allows them to ask questions and make the right choices from the beginning.

Having your own OTT Network is enormously powerful! If you were to take advantage of all the services available, you could do all your marketing and advertising from one platform. Reducing the need to bounce around to all the different platforms entering your content. Reducing the financial stress of using multiple platforms to accomplish the same work. Empowering your business and elevating your marketing plan to its’ highest while spending less money. That is why every business owner needs to take a serious look at having their own OTT Network or system.

To learn more about having an OTT Network of your own feel free to go to the Toliver TV Network website at http://ToliverTVNetwork.com or you can email us at AdminCoach Maxwell Toliver.com.

NOTE: OTT (Over-The-Top) meaning greater than regular TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Radio, Internet Radio, Podcasting, and Streaming on Social Media. Because an OTT platform can submit your content to every media outlet at the same time with the click of a button.


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