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FREE DAY IS COMING UP SOON. December 8th Sunday is your FREE DAY.
Do you want to be on TV? Okay here is your chance. Make a video and tell me a little bit about it and how to reach you in the email, send it to me (ToliverTVNetwork@gmail.com use Drop Box). I'll put you on Roku TV's platform. I don't care how long the video is or what's it about. You make it, I'll publish it.
Note: If it's negative in any way you will be totally responsible for it. Not me!
Send it to me on Sunday. All-day Sunday counts...every video I get I'll post it on TV.


THE BLACK CEO TV SHOWS are to help build our presence on tv and to help promote our black-owned businesses. It's the biggest promotion package available anywhere. If you are a black CEO it would be worth your while to travel to Arizona and attend this event. Check out all that you are going to get by attending ... http://BlackCEOTVShow.com ... seating is extremely limited.


The 3rd TV show is called, "The Gathering".

The second TV show is called, "The Spotlight".

I have developed 3 TV shows that will highlight Black CEO's. We are going state by state with up to 4 shows in each state. The first state is Arizona. The first TV show is "The Hotplate".