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The Definition of Soft Genocide
SOFT GENOCIDE = Passive aggressiveness to the max.

Passive aggressiveness to the max level by the power holding majority race with the goal of looking innocent while obliterating a minority race in the power holding majority race's country.

EXAMPLE 1: Red Lining- This causes the black family to not have enough money to raise a family. Thus maybe 1 child is given birth to. That just reduced the race by 50%
EXAMPLE 2: Crack put into neighborhoods by CIA. Then Guns. Then they come out with War on Drugs to put black men in prison. Now cant raise a family and even harder to get a good job
EXAMPLE 3: You sit in a class room of 30 with 3 other black students. The teacher and the students act like the four of you don't exist when you raise your hand. No Degree = poor job = cant raise a family = no or less children.
EXAMPLE 4: They hire blacks as tokens but only black women and gay black men. How likely are they to breed. = Soft Genocide. And the straight black male is jobless. (their goal)
EXAMPLE 5: Offering and encouraging free sterilization to black women in prison.

Soft Genocide is reducing more of us than Cops or the KKK ever did.

Proof of not just Soft Genocide but Hard Genocide.


‘Act of genocide.’ Eugenics program tried to ‘breed out’ Black people in NC, report says

North Carolina previously set aside $10 million in reparations for victims of the state’s eugenics program, which ended in the 1970s.

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BUSTED! The father is a KKK member!
I was saying yesterday that the Go Fund Me campaign for them where they said "These God fearing men need our help" was probably code for "Our Fellow Klan Members need our help"

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HA ...Now the games start.


Researcher 'on verge of making very significant' coronavirus findings shot to death

The Pennsylvania researcher “was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie COVID-19, his university said.