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The Masada Watchmen, coined by four individuals: Chief Zebulon Ben Lewi Hedeqyah, Moreh. Shama Talmeedyahu, Yeshayahu and Prince Shaul; symbolically and in the flesh are holding the same mantle that was held by the Sicarii led by Meneham until his murder in 66 A.D , taken over by his successor Eleazer and a group of Yehudeem rebels Eleazer commanded.

This Masada Fortress was used as a place to see oncoming enemies, being above them to be prepared for any attacks, anything that could penetrate the people.

This is what us as The Masada Watchmen through the wisdom of יהוה plan to do for our people today. We are in trying times and attacks of all sorts are affecting us in everyway. There's an everlasting conditioning and controlling that we are effortlessly now creating ourselves.

Tune in as we will be discussing matters in modern day times that is hindering and systemic devices and powerful tools embedded in us that we are allowing to dismantle the infrastructure of our people.

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CURRENT EVENTS: "Black Women Are So Unprotected", and Titles That Fit Them

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"Are we just "talking" when these events take place, and then go back to our regular lives? How do we truly change it or can it be changed at all?"

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What’s going on everyone. We appreciate those of you who are joining and also those of you who appreciate the information and the objective thoughts of The Masada Watchmen. Please tune in to our first episode that aired last Sunday:


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