Welcome to the club! I love writing and reading these days (because my wife won't let me play Fallout 4 ) so I've got my new hobby. Tell the world [of Black Junction] what you're writing about these days!

Today we looked at an episode of the Flash that was made by BSFS member Marcus Stokes. https://youtu.be/cNjcxpf9Hbo

Second of the doubleheader today is about webcomics. https://youtu.be/ngGaBr9fS-I

Looking for an adventure book for the teenage boy in your life? How about The Obsidian Knight, vol 1 of The Adventures of De'Ante Johnson. https://youtu.be/dIuCSZHIZhQ

Today we're talking about the scariest Carolina horror novel you'll read (this year), Brian Barr's Brutal Bazaar! https://youtu.be/-faufQgEaSY

Today we talk about two up-and-coming webcomics, Attribute and Yasuke the Black Samurai. https://youtu.be/2wDkFjpxerU