on Memorial Day facebook took my post and denied it 3times. why I can't give my memorial to who I feel


I just tried to upload a photo to include in my post and the window for the selection would not open up. I've posted photos in the past with out any problems. I was able to include in the post a sound/file but still not a photo like I intend on trying the feature again now to include with this notice. The thing that happens when I click on the photo icon a message appears below stating No posts found with a orange and white color and exclamation mark included.

Found a bug in the BlackJunction App.
Clicking on Read More, the text appears for less than a second and goes back to hidden again.

Hello, I'm new to black junction and still trying to feel my way around. I joined today and I also began a new group for Casual Judgement Free conversation. Please tell me how I put my group out there so that i can have members join. Thank you

How do you invite Facebook Friends? I can't find the option to find it.Despite the information on the help section. Please put it in a place where people can easily see it. Because its not helping your cause if we can't find the button to invite our friends and make the site grow.