Novelist TN Jones
Novelist TN Jones

Novelist TN Jones


It's Been a Long Time Coming--Part 2.
Copyright © 2019 by TN Jones.
Photo by Reece Royce.

Damn, I reaped what I sow, I thought as the words Vyla spoke replayed in my head.
Getting up from my knees, I grabbed her hands and led us to our bed. The entire time as we walked in silence, my head was all over the place. I wasn't sure if I should've told her the truth. I couldn’t be mad at her, because I did some trifling shit behind her back as well. It was my fault for her stepping out on me.
Gently, I placed my hands on her face, caressing it. I looked into Vyla's beautiful medium-beaded, greenish-gray eyes while saying, “I’ve done wrong in this relationship also. It’s not just you.”
“Wait, what?” she responded with a puzzled look upon her face.
“Baby, I can’t be mad at you. We fell off, and how we fell off isn’t right. We let our jobs and other shit that we were trying to accomplish get in the way of our passion. I still loved you, but I fell out of love with you,” I confessed as I started to feel like shit.
“What did you do?” Vyla’s voice broke as the tears slid down her face.
“Sarah and Bryson mine,” I rushed out of my mouth, poorly looking at her.
A loud gasp escaped her lips, followed by her sobbing into her hands as she stared at me. Repeatedly, Vyla shook her head.
“Baby, talk to me. Say something to me,” I stated as I tried to pull her close to me.
“Fuck, no! Get the fuck away from me, you bitch you!” she yelled into my face as she slammed her fist into my face.
“It was a mistake, baby, she meant nothing to me. We can work through anything. Even if the babies you are carrying aren’t mine, I’m still going to be their father and be with you,” I voiced sincerely as she continued landing punches to my body.
“What did I do to push you into my sister’s arms?” she cried out before she kneed me in the dick.
Doubling over in pain, I grabbed my nuts and tried to answer her question, but my words wouldn’t come out. There was no way I was going to tell her that I been dicking her sister down since last year. I couldn’t hurt her like that. I saw the pain in her face when I mentioned her niece and nephew's names. I refused to hurt her anymore.
“You were the reason that I fucked Desmond, you son of a bitch. He’s the one that may be responsible for me being pregnant, not you, bitch! I only sought him because I lacked attention, and to hear you say that you impregnated my sister, giving her my time, my love … that shit makes me sick! I hate you!” Vyla yelled, punching me in the nose.
She popped me in the nose so hard that I was surprised my nose didn't break.
"What the fuck, Vyla?" I loudly spat asI shoved her into the wall before running up on her.
With anger in my eyes, fist burning to punch her repeatedly, I did just that.
“You fucked Desmond, bitch! How can you fuck the nigga that cuts my hair, bitch? That’s why he been giving me free haircuts and smiling all up in my face and shit!” I yelled as I slammed a fist into her stomach.
“Ahhh! Leave me alone. Get your hands off me! Somebody help meee!!” she screamed as her arms cradled her swollen belly.
With death in my soul, I dragged her ass onto the bed as she kicked and screamed.
After placing my long, caramel, hands around her neck and applying pressure, I shouted in her face, “You bitch you. All this time! All this motherfuckin’ time! I was the only one that was supposed to have been cheating, not you! I’m the nigga, and that’s what we do. We fuck the bitches, come home to our woman, and act like shit ain’t happened!”
While Vyla poorly struggled to fight me off her, I knew within a matter of seconds, she would lose consciousness. I didn't give two fucks what happened as long as I hurt the bitch that cheated on me.
Pow! Pow!
I felt the stings in my chest and back, turning around I saw Desmond, dressed in all-black with a bright smile on his face.
“That’s the mother of my children, bitch nigga! You left her vulnerable and ready for a real nigga. You fed her to me. All those times that you were talking about how gullible she was she wasn’t. How she was a sucker for you, not at all. How she's wack in bed? Nigga, she took a nigga soul the first night she got on top of me. She’s a loving, caring, and beautiful woman. She’s so sweet and gracious. You couldn’t appreciate her worth, because you weren’t a real nigga. I enjoyed cutting your hair for free while smiling up in your face. I enjoyed having Vyla on this dick morning, noon, and night … at the shop, in this bed, all over this house. Now, you will rest in peace for putting your hands on my children’s mother, and the woman I love,” he replied as I dropped to my knees, closed my eyes, and heard the sound of his forty-five being fired, for the final time.


Copyright © 2018 by TN Jones.
Photo by Reece Royce.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so lost as to what to do; I wanted to be happy, but the circumstances involving my relationship with Jaylon hindered that. We have been through hell and back during our four year relationship. It was always him and us against the world; that was until we became distant and caught up in our own worlds. The love was still there, but the passion was dead. It seemed as if we were only with each other because we were use to each other.
Rubbing my swollen belly, I inhaled and exhaled several times as I tried to figure out what to do and how to feel. As I chilled on the sofa, staring at my belly, a part of me wanted to jump up to the ceilings and shout that I finally became pregnant but the reality of my situation hit me real hard. For the past two years, I constantly went back and forth with my feelings about leaving Jaylon; somehow, I always decided to stay. He was my rock and I was his, regardless of what we went through. I never loved anyone as much as I loved Jaylon, and that’s the reason why it was so hard for me to say goodbye. As the tears welled in the corner of my eyes and slid down my face, I heard the keys jiggling at the door. Quickly wiping my tears away, I laid back on the sofa and looked at the ceiling.
“Hey, baby,” Jaylon stated happily as he walked through the front door of our one-bedroom apartment.
“Hey,” I voiced lightly as I ran my hands through my short hair.
“Why do you sound like that?” he asked walking towards me.
“No reason,” I lied as he placed a kiss on my forehead.
“Why you just lied to me like that Vyla?” he probed as he rubbed my protruding belly.
“Jaylon...,” I began to say as I sat up on the arm of our sofa, biting my bottom lip, and looking at him.
“Yes, baby?”
“I can’t do this relationship anymore. I’m physically and mentally tired. Before I told you I was pregnant, you weren’t even stun’ me no matter how much I tried to pull us together. I’m tired of the inconsistency with you. One week you are focusing on us, and the next week it’s like you say fuck us,” I blurted out with a cracking voice.
“Whoa. Where all of this coming from, Vyla?” he questioned as he tried to pull me towards him.
“My feelings, Jaylon, I’ve been holding them in for a long time. I’m pregnant with twins, and I can’t do this shit with you anymore. I’m sorry…I just can’t,” I cried as I got up from the sofa and waltzed into our bedroom, with Jaylon on my heels trying to get me to think clearly.
With tears streaming down my face, I turned around to face him. Wiping my tears away, Jaylon professed his love for me, our relationship, and the babies. Hearing everything that he said and interpreting none of it, I lifted my head to the ceiling and sighed for the final time.
“I love you, Vyla, and our babies. There will be no more inconsistencies from me. I promise baby. I’m excited to be a father. Please don’t take them away from me. I rushed home so that I could read them a book,” he stated as he lifted my shirt, bent down, and kissed my beautifully, rounded stomach.
Looking down at Jaylon, my heart broke because he had been excited ever since I told him that I was pregnant; therefore, I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I counted to ten, and I calmly said, “Jaylon let’s stop pretending like there’s anything left for us in this relationship because it’s not.”
“No you stop gotdamn it. I want our relationship and our babies, Vyla! I’m willing to do anything to prove it to you, girl. I love you and them!”
“Jaylon, these babies may not be yours,” I finally stated before crying into my hands.


🌼Switch Blade-Part 1🌼
Copyright © 2019 by TN Jones.
Photo by Reece Royce.

🌼Switch Blade-Part 2🌼
Copyright © 2019 by TN Jones.

The moment that Jarneshia placed her little ass switchblade to my neck, I was instantly in survival mode but not to the point that I wanted to hurt her. Pushing her off me, I was able to knock the little knife out of her hands. Trying to restrain her hands was a task; after several minutes of wrestling and tussling with her, I was finally able to successfully restrain the strong, thick woman. Staring deeply into her big, brown eyes, and seeing that she had no remorse for pulling a knife on me, I wanted to beat her ass for her behavior; however, I knew that my actions were the reason for her snapping.
“Let me go, Bambo!” she yelled.
“Nawl, girl, we need to talk so chill the fuck out. Yeah I was all in my baby mama’s text threads and shit. Yeah, I was conversing with Tarquisha. You running around these streets trying to be the next dope girl, and a nigga ain’t with that shit, feel me. I just got back from upstate doing time. I’m not about that lifestyle anymore. I just want a regular nine to five, lay up with you and make a couple of babies, put a ring on your finger, and build an honest empire with you,” I told her sincerely as I tried to plant a kiss on her nose, but she turned her head.
Taking my right hand to observe her beauty, the room was filled with silence. Jarneshia had the most beautiful cream colored skin tone, light freckles across the bridge of her nose that I thought was the most adorable thing, rounded, big brown eyes that I had me granting all of her wishes, and a gorgeous, bright smile that showed off her not all that straight, but pearly white teeth.
“Mane, miss me with that bs. You didn’t have any business talking to them bitches on that level. You have a woman,” she huffed.
“You right I didn’t, but what do you expect me to do when you always in the streets? I make plans for us and you blow me off. I set a romantic date for the both of us, and you cruising the streets with your brothers. What fucking choice did you leave me? A nigga was lonely as fuck, Jarneshia,” I voiced loudly as I placed my face in front of hers.
“Did you fuck them?” she asked with tears welling in her eyes.
“I was about to with my baby mama, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t cheat on you if my life depended on it. When it came down to Tarquisha, we were just sexting. I’m sorry that I hurt you, and I meant what I said five years ago. I’m not going to ever hurt you again,” I breathed passionately before nibbling on her bottom lip, all the while staring into her eyes.
“I don’t believe you. It’s over between the two of us. I can’t trust you.”
I was never the type of nigga that begged a female to do anything that they didn’t want to do, but Jarnesha was the one that I knew I had to have; therefore, I was ready to do some begging.
“Look we ain’t finna play these games here, Jarneshia. I been wanting you ever since you was young, and now that I have you, I’m not letting you go. I love you girl, and I’m willing to fight hard for you,” I raised my voice.
Not responding to what I had to say, she began to wiggle furiously.
“What are you doing?” I inquired as I squeezed her wrists tighter.
“Let me go so I can go home. I’m done with this relationship, Bambo.”
“No you ain’t. Girl, you love me.”
Not fighting to break free from me, she started laughing and shaking her head.
“What is so funny?” I probed quizzically.
“You, nigga,” she stated as she continued to laugh.
Turning her head towards my bedroom door, she stated, “5, 4,---.”
“What are you counting for?” I interrupted her as she continued to count down.
“3, 2, 1.”
“Because it’s all a part of the game. Y’all’s entire relationship was a fucking game. I wanted you to reach your lowest point and fall head over heels in love before I made the final play in this game,” Lutheran, the notorious mobster of the Sanquin Gangster Crew stated as he walked through bedroom door.
As Jarneshia laughed hysterically, I sat upright and stared at the man that I had snitched on and tried to setup years ago.
“Jarneshia, Jarneshia,” Lutheran replied seductively several times as he walked closer to us, wearing a tight fitted business suit, gold jewelry flashing, and a severe mean mug expression was painted on his face . His black eyes were cold, and I knew my life was on the line.
“Yes, Daddy,” she replied as she pushed me off her and waltzed to Lutheran, ass flip flopping all over the place.
“Thank you for your wonderful services,” he breathed as he pulled her oval face towards his and stuck his tongue in her mouth at the same time he grabbed a fist full of her cream colored ass.
“Anytime, Daddy,” she mumbled against his lips before pulling away to run towards her pile of clothes on the floor at the foot of my bed.
“Why in the fuck are you in my home, Lutheran? You been seeing me in the streets, we been in the same club, so why now are you just retaliating against me trying to set you up and snitching on you?” I asked, pretending to play dumb.
“Because the constant thoughts of you digging up in my favorite cousin pussy, Jarneshia’s, are driving me insane. Plus, it was her idea to string you along so that you would be so weak that you didn’t know if you were coming or going. My baby didn’t like how you tried to send me away from her,” he growled with a light smile upon his face as he pulled out a black nine millimeter with the silencer on the tip and shot me in the chest, and then continued as he walked up on me, “Jarneshia is my first cousin and we’ve been fucking since she was thirteen. I’m tired of sharing her with you now. I’m tired of seeing you on these streets knowing that you are a fuck boy. I sent her to you, years ago. I set you up for the kill, and I enjoyed watching you cry over my pussy.”
As I fell down onto the bed, I knew I had a priceless look upon my face. Out of all these years, I never got played by a female. I was the one that got rid of them when I felt like they were playing games. Not in a million years, would I have thought that my baby mama and Tarquisha were right about all the shit they said about Jarneshia. Looking up at the ceiling, with blood spilling out of my mouth and a hole in my chest, I replayed every moment that I shared with her. Tears falling down my face, I had no clue that I was the game.


🌼Switch Blade-Part 1🌼
Copyright © 2019 by TN Jones.

While Webbie’s “You Bitch” pumped from the Beats speakers that sat on my boyfriend’s, Bambo’s, black and platinum nightstand, I had a blunt filled with Kush to my lips and jigging to the song. His weak ass thought I was playing Candy Crush on his phone, but little did he know I was gathering evidence against that ass. I was all in his text messages between his baby mama and him and texts between him and the neighborhood freak. Telling myself to calm down didnt work since my blood pressure rose. Sighing heavily, I shook my head.
"What's wrong baby?" he asked curiously.
"Nothing," I lied as I dropped his phone on the floor, inhaled my good-good, and rolled my neck from side-to-side.
"I love you, girl."
"I bet," I voiced in a low but nasty tone.
He must think I’m going to let his ass slide again? Ain’t no fucking way in hell, this character gonna get away with this trifling mess. Since he didn’t understand me the first time, I guess I need to let him know that I’m not like those other females… I kill about my heart, I thought as I side-eyed the six foot three, light-skinned, tatts all over his body, wavy low-haircut neighborhood man whore, Bambo, in the face. Two minutes of trying to calm down, I exploded but in a nice, nasty way. Wearing only a black sports bra and black lace thong, I crawled my thick, caramel ass on top of him, all the while giving him the ‘fuck me’ glare. Fighting the urge to pull my customized Scarface switchblade out of my sports bra, I ran my hands up his chiseled tattooed body instead. Damn, I wish my brothers and his goons were in town. I want to cut this nigga’s head off, I voiced in my head as I dropped my mouth to his chest and planted light kisses on it.
“Damn, you miss Daddy, huh?” Bambo replied, licking his full thick lips.
“I surely did,” I lied as I slid my tongue from his chest to his bottom lip and nibbled on it.
“Daddy, miss you too.”
Sliding my hand up the right side of his face, I placed my index and middle fingers together and gently inserted them into his mouth. With my left hand, I pressed down on his chest, and spoke in a sweet, nice manner, “You must think I’m stupid or something? You think you can toy with my emotions and there will be no consequences?” I growled nastily as I applied pressure to his chest and bit down on my bottom lip.
“Whatcha talkin’‘bout, Jarnesha?” he asked sucking on my fingers.
“What are all these texts and direct messages talkin’ ‘bout? The ones from your baby mama and some lil’ freak by the name of Tarquisha? How in the fuck you gonna cheat on me, nigga, when I’m the breadwinner? You got a lot of nerves trying to play me, when you don’t even have a pot to piss in,” I replied as continued to push my fingers around his mouth, all the while giving him the evil eye.
Strangle the bitch nigga, my inner evil voice shouted.
“Mane, I swear on my grandmother’s grave, I’on know what you are talkin--,” he mumbled as he began to rub the left side of my body oh so right.
A lie ain’t shit for a nigga to tell. Okay, you wanna play hardball with me, I got some for your fuck ass, I thought as I laughed sinisterly and started dancing on him. Deciding to toy with his man, I slow grinded on him, dipped my mouth to his right ear and whispered, “You play with my emotions too much. See, I tried to give your fuck ass the benefit of doubt. I forgave you once, but I can’t forgive you again. It’s time to see the real me, Bambo.”
“What the fuck yo’?” he struggled to say as I shoved my fingers down his throat as I reached underneath the pillow to retrieve my switchblade and pressed it against his slender neck.
“I told yo’ fuck ass I’m the wrong bitch to play with!”……………..


🌺🌺Fire Power--Part 3🌺🌺
Copyright © 2020 by TN Jones.
Photo by Reece Royce.
Adult Content! Explicit!

“Where you wanna feel him at?” I questioned as I kicked off my shoes before pulling off my shirt.
“My pussy, hands, and mouth,” she stated as I stopped her from taking off her shorts.
“Why you did that?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
Seductively, I said, “Because I want to take them off. I want to pick you up an’ carry you into my bedroom. I want to take off yo’ bra an’ panties while my mouth move ‘round yo’ soft ass body. Do you have a problem wit’ that?”
Slowly shaking her head, she replied, “No.”
From there, things became awkward between us. It was I that slowed things down. Grabbing her hand, I gazed into her eyes before parting her lips with my tongue. It was minty and fruity, a taste that I didn’t mind having in my mouth. The kiss was interesting yet passionate. I said it was interesting because I felt as if there was a meaning in how she kissed me. It held emotion, which made my dick grow harder. Ana’s silky and petite hands slowly slid around my neck before she dropped them on my chest. As I unzipped and removed her shorts, Ana cooed in my mouth.
Snaking my hand in between her warm thighs, she squealed, “Mayne Mayne.”
Looking into her eyes, I said, “What?”
Biting her bottom lip, she softly cooed, “Promise me … after we do this … nothing changes between us. Don’t do me like you do the other females.”
With my eyes locked onto hers, I kneeled and seductively pulled down her panties.
“Promise me,” she said, a tad bit louder as I placed her right leg over my shoulder.
“Guh, I’m finna eat yo’ sins away. I ain’t never put my mouth on a female. So, you know I ain’t finna change anything between us. I’m not going to mistreat you like I do the other bitches. That shit there, you better believe,” I voiced sincerely and wholeheartedly.
As I breathed on her hairless pussy, Ana whimpered, “Okay.”
Before she could close her mouth good enough, I inhaled Ana’s sweet-scented pussy into my mouth. Instantly, her knees gave way, resulting in me sliding her ass up the wall.
“Oh shit. You motherfucker you!” she loudly moaned, gripping the back of my head as I spread her legs wider.
With my face stuffed in her pussy, a nigga was tickled; therefore, I laughed while handling my business.
“Shittt now. Eat it! Eat my hungry pussy nigga!” she spat, pulling my ears.
Hold up nih, I thought as I looked at Ana.
Indeed, she was pleased. The expression on her face informed me that I was doing my damn thing.
“Slurp me up, Mayne Mayneee. Fucking shit, that mouth of yours a beast,” she whimpered, fucking my tongue.
Slipping a finger into her juicy pot, Ana went dumb on my fingers and mouth. I loved the way her body trembled as her mouth opened before rapidly closing. Those beautiful eyes of her rolled in the back of her head as she made a weird yet sort of sexy kind of noise.
“Mmmggrrmph,” I sounded off in her pussy.
With a violently shaking body and tears streaming down her face, Ana said, “Nigga, you finna get your fucking mouth off me. I don’t have time to be stalking you. Harassing you and shit. As a matter of fact, you can stop. I’m finna go home.”
Busting out laughing, I had no choice but to stop feasting on my neighbor. She was tripping super hard.
“You didn’t tell me that you eat pussy like that, Mayne Mayne,” she voiced, oddly.
Ana thought I was going to let her leave my apartment because she didn’t want to turn into a stalker. She was dead wrong. Politely, I slid my dick inside of her jewel box as my mouth found hers.
“Mmph,” she cooed as she didn’t move her body.
It was for the best. A nigga had a fat and long dick; Ana’s pussy was not super tight, but it was tight. After a while, I had her juices flowing great. So, damn great that I had to place my hand over her mouth as I slowly and passionately fucked the shit out of her against my wall. Up against that damn wall, Ana acted a motherfucking fool. She pulled her hair, all the while moving her head from side to side. Her breathing was all over the place as her arms flopped here and there.
As I beat the pussy up, Ana glared at me sexily and said, “Oh my fucking god, nigga, you knocking the Mario coins out this pussy. See, you finna fuck around and knock the crazy bitch right on up outta me too, huh?”
Laughing, I said, “Guh, chill.”
 “I can’t,” she groaned as her body shook violently before my dick was flooded with her sweet juices.
“Damn, that dick got you like that, Ana?” I egged as I placed my hand around her neck.
Tapping on her G-Spot and gently biting her nipple, Ana provocatively cooed, “Mayne Mayneee. Oh, we in a relationship now. You mine. I bet not see you with no other bitch cause I’m going to act a fool.”
Busting out laughing, I said, “Ana, chill.”
“I can’t. I didn’t … think this … dick would … be … this … good. Jesus,” she whined as I began to slow and long stroke the grade A pussy.
Ana kept on with the silly shit before I pulled my dick out and said, “You need a time out from talking. Let me see what that mouf of yo’s talkin’ ‘bout.”
Smacking her lips, she sassily replied, “Oh, that bitch ain’t talkin’ ‘bout shit. She lame as fuck.”
Enjoying her to the max, I shook my head and laughed before replying, “Ana, chill nih.”
As I posted on the wall, Ana made a funny face as she dropped to the ground. I swear she didn’t have a serious bone in her body. That’s until, that motherfucking guh grabbed my dick with her hands, eyed that motherfucker, licked her damn lips, before attacking my dick. She did some shit that I had me in awe, slowly dropped that motherfucker down her throat several times before giving me that special education head. It was super sloppy and slow before she turned the volume up on my ass.
“Shit, Ana! Ana! Ana! Turn that dick loose! What the fuck you got going on!” I groaned loudly like a little broad, eyes woozy and shit.
Gazing into my eyes, that woman sucked me so good that I didn’t know what to do with my hands, legs, or thoughts. They did their own thing. 
With the right amount of pressure, Ana squeezed my balls as she hit that damn hammer like never before.
Looking at her oddly, I weakly asked, “Broad, who dick you sucked like this? Who taught you this shit? I ain’t never seen you wit’ a nigga? Ana, you better motherfuckin’ answer me before I get mad up in this bitch.”
As she busted out laughing, my dick flopped out of her mouth.
“Boy, I was sucking dick. How in the hell was I supposed to answer you?” she asked, jacking my guy.
Feeling like a wimp ass nigga, I spat, “Answer my damn questions.”
“Mayne Mayne, I’m not a virgin. I was in a relationship for quite a while before I became single,” she voiced gravely before asking. “Now, can I get back to sucking on this long juicy dick of yours.”
“Guhh, we gonna be in a relationship or not?” I asked seriously.
Not responding, Ana gobbled my dick, causing my knees to give out.
Pointing at her, I seriously and loudly said, “Get yo’ phone an’ I’mma get mine. We finna call the folks we entertainin’ an’ tell them not to call us no damn mo’.”
Laughing, Ana said, “It’s not that serious.”
Sternly, I replied, “Ana, get yo’ damn phone an’ call them niggas that you be entertainin’ an’ tell them you in a relationship. Put that damn phone on speaker. As a matter of fact, since I’m the man an’ it’s my job to lead … I’mma go first, gotdamn it! When we don’ wit' these calls, power yo’ phone off because I swear you finna get pregnant today. No way in hell you finna walk ‘round single wit’ that firepower of a mouth an' pussy. Nawl. Nawl. Nawl. You got me all types of fucked up!”