Hundreds of thousands of us meet in lecture halls and rooms across this country every year, to listen to people whom we consider to be the mouthpiece for the black community.
Now really think about that.

It really only takes between a thousand to five thousand of us to start the flame that'll ignite the entire black community across the globe.

In NYC alone 50,000 brothers and sisters meet throughout the year to listen to whichever GURU happens to be in the city. If 1,000 people out of that 50,000 just concentrated on creating jobs and opportunities instead of sitting in a room listening to an Ankhed out cat talk about this and that, they could create businesses that would actually put black people to work.

We've been doing this since the days of Frederick Douglass and I suppose that most of us will continue doing it for another 200 years...

It's all part of the race matrix that's being propagated by both whites AND blacks..
I would advise you to do what the GREAT Dr Clarke suggested when he said " if you're following someone or doing something that isn't directly benefiting your life, LEAVE IT ALONE "
2017 will be here in less than 48 hours..make a change this year!