Protection of the Innocents Team P.I.T.

Teams of highly trained officers specializing in non-lethal detention and control. Specially trained experts in de-escalation and social issues related to dealing with the mentally disabled. Video journalist teams surveying the communities and providing up to date content continuously on citizen interactions with government and policing agencies. In partnership with the associated press and various other organizations, The #1 Innocents Association Teams of Non-lethal officers will coordinate with Law enforcement in Protecting citizens from unlawful attack and Discrimination while providing a safe and transparent environment in protecting citizens from unlawful attack. The Organization of trained cooperatives with Law enforcement aims to reduce the possibility of the loss of life and result in the safest an equitable resolution for all parties involved. Teams will provide support for interactions with probation and parolees for protections as they regain their freedom while providing training and employment opportunities through the Placement of the Innocents Project. These individuals victimized by the system of officials afraid to ask. Fearful to stand up for the mentally and emotionally disabled, afraid...... Afraid to take a stand for Stricter gun control of gun and access to the materials. When and how long will we stand by in Ingram allowing the tools of the enemy to keep us separate. Hating each other based on the dissolution meant of race, religion, and society status phone. The fore father's of this beautiful country paid a clear pack, a foundation prepare for the sacrifices of grey women and men from Samuel Adams to Eleanor Roosevelt Abraham Lincoln the Martin Luther King jr. Our history speaks in its own accord. We are leaders of innovation change cooperation and grow. Why did are we allowing the invitation of our institutions of freedom to be turned into two of separation, destruction, and discrimination. Financial gain... Economic injustice is a cause that leaves this movement towards a change in legislature and policy. Changing culture and society is not either. We called today or active ISM and coordination by individuals and institutions to work with the number one innocent Association to bring transparency and regulation into the offices, halls, and facilities to assist in the restoration of the American way. For freedom and justice for all is not a declaration to be taking lightly. The Warriors in the field of Gettysburg, Arlington, the beaches of Normandy, and the Seas of the Pacific in all test to this. The 27th listen in the action Tuskegee Hermes and they're filming brothers in uniform today only one has been located. Already we getting their lives for the American principles and constitutional e-town cause of democracy, which is under attack here at home and abroad worldwide. Christianity and the Muslim faith being attacked on every level. The enemy to us all is no go on the plane invisible. Define by race, religion, political affiliation, or presentation. Not at all, the enemies we are facing used to text a collection my one of my mini heroes who gave his life the Clarion is the truth. John F Kennedy Jr. So version, as for me and died, and secret contacts the latest justice but whenever snuff this forever burn clean. This beat the picked it in my autobiography as a larger than life video horn pigs now did smoke billing beef raging through Society, attacking destroying and polluted the community with this understandable a tri-cities. Impacted Society in the worst of ways. Through the varsity, cooperation, and implementation we will identify these problems which have crippled our economic position, incarcerated, attacked, and killed are young men and women, all but destroyed our compassion and empathy for our fellow citizen. voter suppression, Jerry Mandarin, and Boulder identification still today did the team the political employment other people of color and Latin heritage. This modern-day poll tax and literacy test attacks are Asian, Latino, and for communities just as much as our African American. I was recently reminded that I had to write to be tired, which I am very tired but I don't have the right to give up. Because of our children and the future that right is not an option. The bus parity and government contracts for these sex of society it still a problem 50 years after the Civil Rights movement. The number one innocence Association along with a partnership with the placement of the innocence project and various other organization Ames to bring these contract to those rifle owner. The battle as we're Faced with today is a system design to the negate the responsibility it has to the citizens. This problem can be seen that every level of social community and government today. I do not bring discharge and complained alone Lord do I denied the obligation to prevent options of the solution to consider in Elaine is infections virus that runs and decor doors every community of this great nation. The attack on the impalas, Destin to you, addicted, and mentally and emotionally disable and eastern. Has led to mass incarceration and unnecessary death of many individuals. And exaggerated truth I think not. In every news outlet, nationwide weekend referred to various instances of this fat. The homeless are attacked by a policy designed to criminal eyes the very fabric of their existence. Hadn't the bare minimum of assistance on a real and impact on level, leave these individuals to the mercy of the institutions designed to profit the most from that misery. Be elected officials who hold the power and responsibility to the second class citizens often me gave that call for profit and financial benefits to their position. Therefore I think, second class citizens because society has two eight it a system of labeling be the unfortunate victim of this piece. Drug addict, homeless, and Dylan, convent, inmates, and Panhandle. These titles given to individual citizen based on their situation such as a felon leave the mistreated and denial of the basic Human Rights protected by our Constitution. The treatment of these citizens is determined by these labels. From employers, pollies, and the average citizen, the discriminant Tori buying of the innocent victims of society is an accepted norm that we must change. From illegal immigrants to an illegal alien, the pattern of the package is an obvious denial of Rights and justice on a massive scale. The mint appropriate enough fun acquire from taxpayers which includes these individuals. Isn't overlook criminal activities buy those officials under the fall pretend that these people do not deserve to have their rights protected. Here even in National City is just one example of this nationwide problem. Mr. Jerry cannon a city councilman who was allowed to leave a court order fever 5 years when the average citizens are forced to pay on time or face exfoliate it extra charges. This parity based on status is seen as normal when it is discriminate Tori and takes away a level of Paris that is crucial to our Democratic thing justice system. As long makers consistently use their position to maintain this hi are you within the fabric of society the consequences of these choices are felt the most by those with the smallest boy. The innocent, those pick them are those children killed by another child who threw the clouds of emotional and mental health issues enter the sanctuary of the warning institution with an enhanced firearm and open fire.


The #1 Innocents Associaition