Update (09/05)
BlackJunction.Tv is back up, however not all the data has been restored. We are still waiting for the data recovery service to finish working on the drive. As of right now there are a lot of uploaded video and image files that still need to be restored. There are also some newer channels that have not been restored as of yet. As soon as the restoration process is complete I will update here.

UPDATE (09/04):
On Monday at 12pm the server that blackjunctiontv is held on had A disk failure and the site went down. Part of the service we pay for every month with the hosting company is to back up the site every 24hours, however we found out after the disk failure that they were storing the backup on the same disk as the main site.
We had the hosting company ship the physical disk shipped to us.
Once we receive the disk I will be taking it to a data recovery service. The disk is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (09/05) so if everything goes well I will take it to the recovery center and hopefully have the site back up at some point tomorrow.

BlackJunction.Tv is currently down due to a disk failure on the server. We are trying to get it back up as soon as possible. I'll keep you posted here. Any question please send them to help@blackjunction.com