“Hero or Psycho?”
I’ve noticed something disgusting in Black people. Many of us seem to always judge each other in white people's favor. Many of us seem to be so caught up in the white man's perspective we seem to always see our actions as wrong and theirs as right. The police are killing us everyday and they seem to like to kill us as young as possible because it’s usually our children being killed by police. They are either out right shooting us dead in the streets, using covert paramilitary style tactics to kill us, or genocide. They’re also deeply involved in the selling of drugs in Black neighborhoods. Under these conditions aren’t we always in a life threatening state of imminent danger? Who agrees with the police killing us? Who agrees with the government's genocide of Black people in America? In Micah Xavier Johnson mind, he retaliated against the police with the same type of violence they unjustly use against us everyday. He felt as thought the police posed an imminent threat and, in his mind, he responded to that threat with an equal amount of force. In the courts of law that’s considered self defense. Therefore, I ask, is Micah Xavier Johnson a hero or psycho?

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