There are those of us who focus on the past... That's okay because we need to learn our history and where we came from, how things happened and who we really are.
There are those of us who focus on the present... That's okay also. Because we need people to help those who are stuck in anger, and depression to find their way out and become who they are meant to be.
There are those of us who focus on the and that's also okay because we need them to help guide us and help us build a future for ourselves and our families.
My point is this, when you see all the social media post on your stream are all focused on one direction it should tell you that your view of things is NOT balanced. You are stuck in a mindset that is not healthy and will hold you back. Balance is the key for all African decedent people. Yes we have so much to over come but we can do it as long as we keep things in balance.
*The past is for education, belonging and identification
*The present is for growing a back bone and being able to stand up for who you are and not get killed doing so.
*The future is for building for tomorrow and next year.
We need all three to be a well rounded person!

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