These are the Twelve Tribes of Gods and Goddesses- We AFRICANS are born Connected to. Aries= Amen. Taurus=Het Herut. Gemini=Nefertum. Cancer=Sibek. Leo= Akheru. Nwt= Human Tribe. Virgo=Auset. Libra=Maat. Scorpio=Serket. Sagittarius=Neith. Capricorn =Anubis(Jackal). Aquarius= Heru and Pisces= Tawaret. We do not belong to any Greek or Roman Tribes. Know The Names of Our Real Tribes of Gods and Goddesses. Being Human to US is a Temporary Status but We must Know where we really know where we came from in Order to Know where we wish to Grow. NB- JESUS IS NOT A TRIBE. ITS ALL FICTION. AFRICANS KNOW THYSELF. ASE.

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