On the above picture, it is a fresco showing the 7th hour of the Amduat... This lower register begins with Heru (Horus), sitting on his throne and holding the Ouas (the divine scepter) on the right hand, the Ankh cross (life) on the left hand and the solar disk on his head.

Then we see 12 individuals with a star on their head each facing him. The star here symbolizes the title of "disciple" who is called "Seba" in Pharaonic language. This fresco is old from 15th century before our era and this document is visible in the tomb of the pharaoh Djehouty-Messou 3 (Thoutmosis 3) says "He who was born of Djehouty (Thot), the perfect one, master of Ouaset (Thebes) ".

On the below picture, we can observe a certain Jesus Christ surrounded by his 12 disciples... Under a cosmic comprehension and in reality, it is the Sun surrounded by the 12 signs of the zodiac... The Christian plagiarism on African civilisation is obvious...