There is an obvious divide in the communication of black men and black women. In my opinion, this divide is a result of speaking to each other from a place of not fully understanding before speaking and not asking questions that lead to answers that allow us to speak from a place of better understanding. We make strong suggestions to each other before adequately evaluating each another enough to break down where you feel the other has flaws and/or where you can help. Not only does this cause one to speak from a place of an eagerness to interject; making one appear as arrogant or controlling, especially when it's the male who is on the receiving end, but it also causes a lot of confusion and frustration, which can lead to hurt feelings, that lead to intentions to hurt feelings...or even worse. Now, I fully understand the importance of making a good first impression. But, if one is going to involve themselves in any type of relationship with another, I believe it would be better, if we don't verbalize or internalize our first impressions of each other, until we can do so with a substantial evaluation of multiple relative situations.