Okay...so here is my two cents, regarding the young lady's public statement- only because after I saw the video, and decided to NOT GIVE HER ANY MORE of my ATTENTION, a friend sent her video to me, praising her! This is how I feel in a nutshell;

Sorry, she is missing the point! She is young, read a few books, thinks she knows it all, got stuck in an UNTRUE statement, mind you, made by one author, and using that to go counter to a much needed PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT that is on a way grander level than her petty concern. Yes, she makes SOME valid points, but MOST OF HER ARGUMENT is B.S. from my not so humble opinion at this very moment, AND we have no time to waste getting distracted by her useless-to-the movement concern! This involves a much bigger picture than what she is choosing to focus on.

We are imperfect humans, having an experience that is crucial to creating a better world for ALL people not just the wealthy and privileged. It is not just Floyd's murder that is the cause of people standing up now- it is a MULTITUDE of murders over centuries- of all kinds of people INCLUDING PROMINENT & UPSTANDING persons of color, for no reason other than hatred, malice and racism. This video someone posted of the MN cop casually murdering the man that was not even resisting, captured the moments of 1,000's of others who have experienced the same injustice to humanity, at the perfect moment in time for others all over the world to stand up and say enough is enough!

If you disagree with me and this annoys you in some way, feel free to look the other way or remove me from your list... because you rather waste time accepting negative distractions instead of being a part of the change. I also feel that enough is enough...and it's been that way for far too long.