As a former retail assistant for a health store, many people would come in and ask for supplements hoping to swap prescribed medication for herbs and supplements. Basically, using pills for ills.

What they are actually doing is just swapping something more toxic for something not toxic and expecting the non toxic pills to do the same job as the toxic pills.

Things is... what many often miss is the need for an emotional cleanse. We concentrate on the physical because that is what we have been trained to do...yes, trained or programmed if you will.

We were born into a world where living in fear has been normalised. We never even knew it was abnormal! I don't think we appreciate just how much this impacts our mental well-being. Fear based living is toxic to the body. I don’t think there is a herb or supplement that can purge these from your cells. Yes, there are some beautiful remedies that can help you cope yes, but to totally detox from fear, as in remove it from your physical being? That’s a whole different level!

There is a fundamental piece missing from our lives which is often replaced with junk sugar filled foods (watch Eat Well for Less and my 600lb Life), alcohol, watching mind numbing, mind altering TV, uncontrolled spending and other habits we think is doing us a world of good, but in reality is eating away at us.

Physical health and mental health | Mental Health Foundation

Physical health and mental health | Mental Health Foundation

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