Memorie of A Girl Once Was

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Prepare yourself to be taken on a biographical journey through many minds all made up of one individual soul. A motivational true story of understanding, a journey of truth, and a journey of strength; all meshed into one life and one being. Ann divine's story is being presented to you to help inspire your heart and soul to reach new heights, think for yourself, and follow your dreams. No matter what challenges of the past attempt to haunt you. This book will give you a passionate push to live in your now and look to a brighter future regardless of what come what may. She has overcame molestation, rape, bullying and violence. This books entails the story of how she was able to formulate her own state of beliefs in order to help her to overcome the adversities, challenges, and trials that kept coming her way back to back. Each chapter such as Young, Dumb and Married, Hope Deferred, and Woe is me as a start chronologically taking you through the transitions each phase represented all that which lead her to a grand understanding of the importance of spirituality, trust in self, belief in self, and self healing.

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