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3x5 Feet Red Black Green | African American Flag | The ORIGINAL Black Lives Matter Flag | Pan Africa

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This is the ORIGINAL Black lives matter flag ✊?

I ship the same day as long as I receive your order during postal hours. Otherwise, you will get a confirmation number the next business day.

Before you buy anywhere else ?? This is a Black owned and operated store. Buy from your Brother before you buy from another! Here are more details about the Red Black and Green flag you are about to order:

✓ Rich, bold colors that wont fade
✓ Thick material
✓ Even lines - each band of red, black, and green aligns perfectly
✓ Professional packaging - Our items come from clean, smoke free storage facilities
✓ Same day shipping

This flag is made of thick, high quality Polyester hand stitched by a Black owned company. The colors are bright and fade resistant, and has two strong metal grommets on the end for flagpoles.Every Pan-African should have one of these flags.

>>> Frequently Asked Questions <<<

Q: Can I wash and iron this flag?
A: Yes! Wash with cold water and use the lowest setting on your iron to smooth out the folds and wrinkles

Q: Can I fly this flag outside?
A: Absolutely! We use colorfast dye and fabric so your flag wont fade. You can also display indoors wherever you like.

Q: Is this flag made by a Black owned company?
A: Always. Dont buy OUR colors from others. Keep Black dollars circulating in the Black community!

Q: What is the story behind this flag ?
A: This flag was created by Marcus Garvey. He created an organization called the UNIA that became the largest Pan-African organization in Black history. When racists said that 'every race has a flag except the c--n', Marcus Garvey ordered the creation of the Pan African Flag. The flag was commissioned on August 13, 1920 during the 1920 First International Convention of Negroes states that colors of the BLACK RACE are Red, Black and Green – the UNIA Flag. Since then, we celebrate African Flag day every year on August 13. Although this flag was meant to represent the entire African diaspora, it has been mistakenly called the Black Lives Matter flag and the Afro American flag. Regardless, the RBG flag can be seen flying in Black communities around the world.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask away. I always reply within 24 hours.