SELECTED BY 2020 CAPITAL CITY BLACK FILM FESTIVAL - Black People - What We've Been Told May Not Be True. Black communities around the world have historically maintained the highest rates of extreme violence, sickness, disease epidemics, abject poverty, corruption, discrimination, and racism than any other race in human history. Why?

Director and inspirational speaker Wayne C. Robinson joins Black professionals in medicine, psychology, relationship counseling, life coaching, accelerated learning, and theology who draw the same conclusion – Black people are not getting to the truth as to why these conditions exist.

The film identifies these truths why so many Black communities around the world experience identical conditions and why Black leaders fail to present them for the socioeconomic progress of the people they are supposed to represent.

The recent protests raging in Black communities are a repeat of the 1960's protests. Here we are again, fifty years later. These protests are merely a signal of an era of futile government programs, political rhetoric, religious dogmas and cultural disintegration.

THE DREAMS LIVE ON film is a call to action to "do something different" and take a different approach as this current road is taking Black communities in circles. This “different approach” may be mocked by religious and political leaders because their tactics and methodologies have been disappointing.

This new approach is the same approach that successful people all around the world have taken. It is the same approach that we see featured in rags to riches stories. It is the same approach that strengthens startup companies to become multi billion dollar corporations, and the same approach that creates new industries.

THE DREAMS LIVE ON film is the new approach for people of African descent to reach their highest potential, take control of their destiny, and live the life of their dreams.

THE DREAMS LIVE ON was filmed on location in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.