**Parental Advisory**
**Harsh Reality Check**

I listened to a couple of our favorite urban radio shows this morning and something concerned me.

First I listened to the Steve Harvey Morning show. They discussed the recent shooting of a black man, Andrew Brown, Jr. I remember Steve saying that what frustrates him the most is that "This NEVER happens to White People." I was in agreement with him and the rest of his co-hosts.

Later, I listened to Rickey Smiley's morning show and he stated that "This don't EVER happen to White People!" and his co-hosts backed him up. This time I started thinking......

What if we are being LED to believe this is true instead of it being factual. (Media Influence)

Did you know that "Tony Timpa" was killed by Dallas Police JUST like George Floyd, Jr. was killed? Mr. Timpa died in 2019 but few of us know anything about it. Why? Because his death would not have caused more minorities to vote. It would have decreased our fear of it being "Just us."

In a recent episode of "Falcon And Winter Soldier" a board member said "We have to consider the optics." The response was "The optics are whatever we SHOW them.

The only way to know was to forget what THEY say and seek the truth for myself.

I went to YouTube and searched for "Unarmed White man shot by police." The results were surprising! I found WAY more White families seeking justice for their loved ones than I ever knew existed.

Don't take anybody's word for it. Search for yourself.

Here's some help.

White Men:

It is time to stop letting people lead us by the nose and use us to get them elected to some political office.

They are primarily creating fear of genocide in our minds then offering to help us if we will vote for them. We've been falling for this way too long.