Hello Friends
I want to thank you all for accepting my friend requests. I want to make an announcement of my decision to create a new group that I call Pan Afrikan Unity and I’m inviting all of you to join. I want this to be what I believe is the reason that Black Junction was created in the first place. For we as people of African descent to have our own independent social media platform, free from the surveillance of Facebook, and the disrespect of trolls who support Donald Trump and the Trump agenda.

It’s my hope that we can use this group to be more selective of who we allow in our electronic village, in order to share vital information and express our views on issues relevant and important to us as Afrikan peoples throughout the diaspora.
So, with that I say Welcome to the new group of PanAfrikanUnity. Feel free to join at anytime and pass the word on to those you know and trust.

Peace and Blessings