Daughters of Tomorrow
by zaji

I stitched together silk cocoons to wrap you inside disinherited love and long lost wisdom. I darned your breath with mighty voices from the past, so you would cry freedom even before you could walk. I pushed and pushed until your soul birthed monarch wings, big enough to take you around the world so you could see all the things ripped from our still tight fists.
Cry freedom! Open hands and spread fingers like wings to the sky so your life-mapped palms can shout and thank the sun for exhaling life. Let fly the centuries of bloodshed balled in angry and frightened fists, because they have become dust, and no longer have a place in tomorrow. 
Who are you in this moment my children? You are the daughters of tomorrow, drowning struggle so your daughters' daughters will not have to; so they won't need to tread waters to find themselves. You are already here, in tomorrow's house, littering oak stairs with silk cocoons stitched with inherited love and wisdom reclaimed.
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