Right now, there are three suspected locations that are burning severe amounts of fossil fuels to process sugarcane and possibly burning sugarcane to extract it from the ground from the local eyewitness accounts of people living and trying to work in the area!

Company contact information is listed (not including the truck drivers carrying the sugarcane to the location with massive trucks day and night).
you may call or write letters to the following companies and contact the city mayors' or police stations to urge them to take action to shut down the harmful processing plants and companies responsible ( some residents even reported smoke lingering in their homes when they wake up in the middle of the night and fear dying from the thick smoke clouds). Events have been continuing for about 2 weeks as of Sun. Nov 21st, 2021!!

Suspected Facility Location #1
6092 LA-347, St. Martinville LA 70582

Cajun Sugar Cooperative 2711 Northside Road New Iberia LA 70563

Louisiana Sugar Cane Cooperative
6092 Resweber Hwy.
St Martinville, LA
Phone: (337) 394-3785
Fax: (337) 394-5692
Web: http://www.lasuca.com
Email: info@lasuca.com

Please call the offices' of the mayors' located in Saint Martinville Louisiana (Mayor Melinda Mitchell 337-394-2230 http://www.stmartinville.org/City-Hall.html ) & the New Iberia Mayors office (Mayor Freddie DeCourt
337-369-2300 https://www.cityofnewiberia.com/), to let them know that you DO NOT want sugar that is processed in a way that is harmful to the local residents', exacerbates the climate crisis, and harms local wildlife! Police station contact information is on each cities' official website.