There is no shame in us specifically representing the African & African-Caribbean UK populations any more than, the Board of Jewish deputies, Sekh Council, Romany Gypsy Council or Islamic Council representing their specific communities.

The term "too Black" has been drummed into our subconscious psyche from our earliest memories and the inference is wrapped in shame and self-loathing. Being of African descent is no different from being of Chinese descent, we don't change ethnicity based on our domicile.

It's just that due to our relationship with Europeans as descendants of enslaved generations and colonial subjects, we've been bombarded with applied behavioral psychology to keep us in a constant state of anxiety.

This applied behavioral psychology is a cold war tactic that continues to this day and started with our contact with state schools. On recognising this, it's time to discontinue our relationship with the European 500 years "Black" experiment {in which we have merely been subjects but not contributed}.

We remain African Diasporas irrespective of how non-Africans identify us.