If You Are An Authentic Enlightened Elder, Your Cosmic Calling is Supported By Ancestral Wisdom and Divinely Guided Intelligence that GOES BEYOND the Realm of Mortal Existence.
Never expect justice from people who can't see the wrongdoings in their existence
Also, Ancestral Spirits, of Divine Kind, Detest the Glorification of their Eternal Enemy! Be AWARE of their tactics to poison your mind in every way imaginable. Yurugu Culture's Ultimate Goal is to DESTROY you and YOUR CHILDREN. #leadership #emotionalintelligence #motivation #wisdom #authentic #intelligence #peace #truth

NO DEBATE THESE DAYS. The proof of an extinction level event is coming if we don't stop it.
[T]here is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of white Americans desire that there be as few Negroes as possible in America. If the Negroes could be eliminated from America or greatly decreased in numbers, this would meet the whites' approval -- provided that it could be accomplished by means which are also approved. Correspondingly, an increase of the proportion of Negroes in the American population is commonly looked upon as undesirable."