Black Junction: I am going to support you, I live on a very fix income, but I really feel this site is well over due for us. I am going to donate $10.00 on the 3rd of this month. I am very happy with the site and I thank you for doing this!!! We have to support one another in these endeavors. Blessings to you and i will certainly bring it in pray and ask the MOST HIGH to bless this site for his children, trust me your going to do well, it said the pray of the righteous prevail much!! I am not boasting but I try very hard to do what is right and I love the Heavenly Father!! Our Savior. So get ready for more support coming your way. ALL PRAISES TO YAHUWAH IN YAHUSHUA HA MASHAICH, I love this site, it give me a chance to reach out to my people and inform them of what is going in the world that is affecting their lives.

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