Good morning yo one and all, and I greet all my people
in the world of Orunmila saying Elaboru Elaboye to you
all. Today let's take our topic from holy odu OYEKU
CHRIST). Enjoy the reading.
Many people did not believes that Jesus has
something with Ifa, we can check hebrew 6 verse 20,
you will see how they make Jesus as a Lord" Olori
Abore" with the consent of Mel-chis-e-dec . and you
can get into Hebrew 7 to find out who Mel-chis-e-dec is?
Rememeber Ifa has been on earth before the birth of
Jesus and Mel-chis-e-dec was referring as Orunmila
Hear what holy odu corpus said in OYEKU MEJI;
Atanpako ku re lese,
Gbogbo ara o jo rin pe
Bi aba pe oku ni popo,
Alaaye ni ng dahun
Adifa fun jewesun - ( Jesu - kristi )
ti nse okanbi Eledumare agotun
olomo ateni ola legelege f'ori sagbeji
nigba ti o nbe nigbatemu omo araye
ebo won ni ko se.
Ero po , ero ofa,
Eni gbe bo nbe ko to ohun ebo,
Ero po, ero o fa.
Absence of toes
make body move worstly
when death is called at way of a distance
It's living being that will response to the call
Prognosticated Ifa for jewesun the son of Almighty -
( Jesus Christ )
who place his mighties in mightiest in wealthies path
when he was amidst of enemies and he was told to
make sacrifice,
In order to overcome the plot that was going to be
hatched by human beings against him.
Another verse in holy odu corpus of OWONRIN SOGBE
hi thus;
Owonrin So
Ogbe So,
Adifa fun Orunmila
Baba nlo te Jewesun ni fa
Ebo won ni ko se,
Nje Jewesun se rere
Jewesun Omo ope.
Owonrin So, Ogbe So,
The alias of Diviners cast Ifa for Orunmila
when he wanted to pass jewesun into Ifa,
he was advice to make sacrifice.
Jewesun art wisely
Jewesun the son of Ope" Ifa".
Before Christian and Muslim and others religion there
was IFÀ... Odu OTURA MEJI talk about Muslim while
OTURUPON MEJI emphasis on Christianity. To you that
you have been enslaved by religion this is a wake up
call for you to embrace your heritage before it will too
late... Watch out for Odu IFÀ that speaks about Anabi