Research is my passion!! Found this historical moment of my ancestors being researched by young scholars posted on youtube March of 2018, however, there are inaccuracies in the compiled research they obtained from their sources. We have to tell our own stories.My professor taught me to research the researcher. The photo at the 1:33-1:37 mark are of my ancestors, my great grandmother and great grandfather, aunt, uncles and a cousin. This photo was courtesy of Earnest Whithers who was later found to be an FBI informant. I know these people personally. The only 1 still alive is my uncle Joe Nick standing in between my grandparents. They were being kicked off the land they lived on because they registered to vote. They did not go to tent city. They went to live on the land of another white landowner who needed someone to help him farm his land. My grandmother passed away mothers day 2017. RIP Grandma, I know yall with me. I got this!! Rewriting our history from our perspective!!