POSTED BY, Ahmed Elshabazz

{"MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD, HE ALONE IS GOD"- Messenger of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad .}
"I thank Allah, Who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, in 1930, July 4th, to seek and save that which was lost from the members of the black nation and had been away from our own for nearly 400 years. At the time of His appearance to you and me, we should shout for joy and sing praises to Him today for having brought to you and me the knowledge of self, others and the knowledge of God and of the devil. This is salvation in itself.The removal of fear and grief from us which also is salvation alone. To Him we should give praises and to Him should we submit and to Him we should seek refuge; for He alone is God and besides Him there is no other God. The great promised One that would come in the end of the world of the evil doers, I thank Him."-Messenger of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad