The Wholesale Truth and Nothing But The Truth

President Trump has made China mad at the USA. Prices raising, stores closing, You can get rich!?

President Trump has made China very mad with the USA. This will cause China to raise prices for the goods and services they provide. So what, says some people. Well, that’s a big problem! Check this out!

• Over 70% of all products sold on Amazon come from China

• Nearly 90% of all products sold in the USA come from China or major components of the products come from China.

This means that the prices are going to go up for people like me and that means that prices are going to go up for you the end buyer. If that’s not bad enough … there is more. You will not have a choice but to pay the higher price and here’s why.

The following stores are closing their doors this year:

• Toys R Us liquidating 735 stores including Baby’s R Us

• Claire’s plans Bankruptcy and are closing 92 stores

• Best Buy closing 257 stores

• Kay / Jared / Zales closing 200 stores

• Ann Taylor & Co. Closing 400 stores

• Foot Locker closing 110 stores

• Mattress Firm closing 175 stores

• Bi-Lo / Winn Dixie Closing 94 stores

• A & F closing 60 stores

• The Walking Co. filed Bankruptcy

• B&B Bachrach filed Bankruptcy and are closing 14 stores

• Weinstein Co. filed Bankruptcy

• Bon-Ton Stores closing 256 stores

• Abercrombie & Fitch closing 110 stores

• French Connection closing 17 stores

• A&P Pathmark closing 25 stores

• BAP closing 25 stores

• Outfitters closing 28 stores

• Bebe closing 48 stores

• Men’s Wearhouse closing 60 stores

• Charming Shoppers closing 120 stores

• Walmart Sam’s Club closing 63 stores

Now, this makes me excited because it allows for those who were thinking about becoming entrepreneurs can now do so because there will be less competition available. If you are thinking about becoming your own boss check out to find out what type of business fits you best.

But for those who are scared and think you need a job the following stores are expanding their reach this year.

• Ultra opening 100 stores

• Ross opening 100 stores

• Warby Parker opening 40 stores

• Dollar General opening 900 stores

• Target opening 35 stores

• Dick’s Sporting Goods opening 20 stores

• Athleta & Bana Republic are opening 270 stores

• Aldi opening 180 stores

There you have it. As for me, I’ll have at least three more different types of stores opening this year to service people. Because they will not be able to get the products anywhere else.

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