What is the black agenda?

Failure to plan is a plan to fail

Take a good look at the cartoon that I have posted on this blog post and tell me this, how much work do you believe is gettig done on a scale from 1-10? One being the least amount of confidence that goals are being met and 10 being the greatest confidence.

Are you finished?

So what grade did you give them?

I don't know about you but I gave them a big fat zero. This is the black community in a nutshell in 2018.

The recent arrest of Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, aka the Starbucks victims grabbed headlines as further proof of how black society is oppressed by western ideology and the recent interview they had with Robin Roberts is proof of how bad we need an agenda on how to proceed to fight the oppression we face everyday in this country. 

She basically asked them what happened and what the men want moving forward and her question while simple in nature was met with an empty stare and an atttorney was all but too eager to block that shot like Shaq. 

Some of the most enlightened of us have already taken to bashing the men for their inabilty to articulate seeking justice but I was not as quick to do it as others were because I have to admit that I would be pretty stumped myself if asked the same question thus the reason I'm writing this article.

So let's say it was me who was arrested at the Starbucks for no reason, I got the national platform to speak from and the question was asked, "what happened and what needs to happen next?"

Captain Hindsight has 20/20 vision so the first thing I would not let happen is letting my attorney prevent me from calling out the racism of the situation like Mr. Nelson and Robinson did.

I would let Robin Roberts know that, "what happened to me was an act of racism that was only achieve through the vile white supremacist culture present in the Starbucks corporation with the cooperation of the white supremacist structure present in the justice system and would seek a civil rights case to be put against every individual and institution involved."

Before you applaud me for my bravery just remember, that was the easy part. Any one of us can do that. All that takes is courage. The next question is where i believe 95% of us would be stumped.

"So what do you think should happen next," is the next question Robin Roberts will ask.

Now if you're reading this I want all of you to take the time to stop reading and think very carefully about what you would say next. I'm serious though, stop reading and think for a minute about that question.

To be honest I would tell her that I don't really know what should happen next. They would ask that all Starbucks and law enforcement officers be trained but we do racial sensitivity for everything racist in America and it has not made racism in the United States back down, it has made racism double down so that's bullshit. We can't just let them pay for disrespecting my right to dignity with a cash payout. That doesn't do much for nobody. Protesting Starbucks with signs is nothing more than free advertising as far as I'm concerned.

Really that's where this article ends and discussions about this in your circle begins. What's our next move when racism occurs.