When cleaning the home goes wrong and can dig a significant hole in the pocket

Cleaning the home is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some enjoy cleaning the homes and keeping them absolutely neat and tidy, others just keep avoiding cleaning the house and delaying the cleaning too as much extent as possible.

Anyhow, everyone has to engage in home cleaning and whenever they do, they may tend to make some common errors. These errors can cost them hugely sometimes when the product they cleaned is damaged or goes out of order.

The most common cleaning mistakes done in households

Let us examine some of the most common mistakes that people tend to do while they clean their homes.

  1. Using the wrong products for wall cleaning: it is a mistake that is done by many. The walls of home nowadays are painted with costly paints or are given textures that involve huge cost. Some people use quick fix products to clean the small marks. Cleaning the marks with these products can leave dotted marks on walls, making the purpose of cleaning void. Instead, a microfibre cloth can be used for cleaning the spots. The product to be used is bicarbonate soda. Simply dipping the cloth in bicarbonate soda and gently cleaning the wall can remove the stain and then, the wall can be cleaned with a dry cloth. For large areas, a big microfibre cloth can be dipped in a bucket of warm water having sugar soap. For grease marks, chalk is very effective that soaks all the resin and then a dry microfiber cloth can be used for final cleaning.
  2. Making use of natural product or remedies for cleanliness of stone: vinegar, lemon, orange or ammonia cleaner are undoubtedly very effective cleaning agents that remove all the spots and greases and make the product as good as new. However, they may not be effective for all the areas or things. Using them on stones, marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, conglomerate marble, grout and cement-based concrete slabs and tiles lead to the removal of their polish and permanently damaging them. They can be simply cleaned with microfibre cloths and water or with the solutions specially made for them.
  3. Improper removal or urine from carpets:  carpet cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks of home cleaning. Yet, some individuals still take it on their shoulders. While they may think that they have thoroughly cleaned it just like a professional carpet cleaner, the urine of pets or kids can still be a part of it. Most of the people do the mistake of using an inappropriate product to get rid of the urine such as disinfectant or bleach. These products rather lock urine into the fibers instead of removing it. The most ideal method of cleaning is to use a tissue paper immediately when the kid or pet urinates and place it over the area. This makes the tissue paper absorb the maximum urine out of the carpet.
  4. Using polish post every dusting or cleaning session: the modern furniture generally has a very good top coating on it and does not need polishing every time after cleaning. They can be simply cleaned with a semi-wet cloth that gives it a new look again.
  5. Forgetting the cleaning of vacuum cleaner: we use vacuum cleaners for cleaning of our hoes but we forget that the vacuum cleaners to need their cleaning. Leaving the vacuum cleaners dirty can make their life short and buying a new vacuum cleaner is definitely a costly affair. For its long life, it is important to remember to clean it after every cleaning session to protect it from getting damaged by dust and dirt.
  6. Cleaning the stainless-steel stove top with oven cleaner: the oven cleaner is not a suitable product for the stainless-steel stove top. This is because cleaning with oven cleaner can make the stove top leave its finish and make the top scratchy and worn out.

To err is to human. But, some small mistakes can cost big. Thus, while cleaning the homes and the articles at home, it is best to read the instructions mentioned there to avoid any wrongful cleaning act. Additionally, seeking professional help and guidance is of no harm as it is time-saving, energy saving, more precise and accurate as well as lead to better cleaning.