What are the Ways to Clean External Doors and Windows Properly?

Doors are not only for security purposes, in fact, these are also for the building's designing. How to keep these doors and windows clean?

What are the ways to clean external doors and windows properly?

One of the first thing that anyone would notice at your home is the front door. If your front windows and doors are not cleaned it will leave a bad impression on your guests. The doors can be made using wood, aluminum, glass, steel. There are companies you help you to clean and maintain the aluminum storefront fitters at your place. But it is not always necessary to get professional help.

• It is necessary to clean the doors and windows from time to time. Sometimes the weather is rainy or windy due to which a lot of dust gets on the windows and door.
• The first step which you should keep in mind is removing the loose dust from the window before putting any type of liquid solution.
• After cleaning the dust from the surface you should also clean the frame, hinges, door knobs, and handles.
• If you are using the liquid solution then you should cover the edges to catch the drips. You should keep in mind that liquid solution can be harmful to wooden doors. So, it is better to use the best product to get the best results.
• If you don’t want to use any chemical then you can make a solution at home. One of the effective solutions is the combination of white vinegar and distilled water. Mix equal amount of both the products and then put them in a spray bottle. They are best for any type of surface.
• You should avoid using paper towels because sometimes they leave streaks on the window and doors.