Bi-Fold doors: What are the different types of options available?

Bi-fold doors or Sliding doors are often referred to as zig-zag doors and concertina doors. The doors can be folded back which creates more open space in your house. There is a minimum of two panels that slide along the track.

What are Bi-fold doors?

The doors sections can be joined together which allows them to fold together. If there are an odd number of panels then the last panel can be used as a door. This last panel will open independently from the other sections. The maximum number of panels can be up to 8. This also depends on which type of system you have installed, quality of the door and how robust it is. The bi-fold doors in London are installed in most of the residential area. The bi-fold doors are available in different material such as aluminum, timber, uPVC or a combination of timber/aluminum. The aluminum bi-fold doors in London are quite popular because they are strong and durable.


Types of Bi-fold Doors

  • Room dividers

If your house is built with wide openings then it is the best option. Sometimes in a house, there is space between the rooms and they don’t have any door. If the house owner wants to increase privacy, then you can install bi-fold doors and they will be very helpful. You can also install them on your own by using a drill and a power screwdriver. To make the level of the door same shims (thin strip of material is used to align them properly) can be used.


  • Closet Doors

This type of door is the most common type and they are used where the space is very limited. These type of doors don’t swing so you can easily place furniture near them. They will not block the passage in the hallways when you open the doors. The doors are very light and can be opened easily.


  • Flat panel doors

The doors can be installed at other places also such as a kitchen area and laundry room, where space is limited. The flat panel bi-fold doors are made of flat panels of wood. You can either purchase them from the market or get them made according to your requirement. They also keep the sound of the washing machine in that room only.


  • Acoustical Doors

If you want something that will prevent the sound from coming in or going out of your house then acoustical doors are the best option. These are a special type of doors that can insulate the sound. If you live nearby commercial area then they are a perfect choice. Even at church, these doors will also serve the purpose to stop the sound.


  • Exterior Doors

The houses which are built with modern design have mostly wide opening outside the house. For this exterior bi-fold doors are best as they also allow easy movement inside and outside. They have glass panels and they are much heavier than the interior doors.