Are you picking the right games for kids?

Fruit Cut is a classic fruit ninja game. You can use the mouse to cut fruit, the more fruit you cut, the higher the score. Play this game, become a famous fruit ninja!

This is the internet generation where most children connect online to play. It is up to the parents to monitor and / or guide their children in relation to these online games. Remember that your internet habits like this have a lot to say about your cognitive and general development. Do you help your children choose the right games to play?

Here are some tips to guide you as a parent by choosing the right internet games for your children:

The first thing you should do is make sure it regulates your child's internet habits. If they have a free passport, they can access any kind of game they can find online. You see, while some games come with a price tag and need your intervention to buy, how to use your credit card, others are free.

Set restrictions to prevent your child from downloading or accessing almost any game on the web. You can limit your child's exposure to the Internet, for example. How long they can use and the type of content or learning games they can access. In order to access games or web pages, your child must ask for your permission.

Download and purchase games for children themselves. With downloaded games, your child does not need to connect to the internet to play as he can enjoy games without connection. This will somehow minimize the temptation to navigate the web pages.

When downloading, you should know what your purpose is. For example, if you want your child to learn while playing, you can limit your opportunities to training activities. On the other hand, if you just want your child to have fun, you can choose what suits children, your age.

But the best options are those that address both: Learning while having fun. Fortunately, you will find several of these online. It is useful to involve your child in the election as it should consider your specific interests. This activity is also a great opportunity for you to tie with your child.

To help you decide whether the game is appropriate for your child, check out the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) website. The Board aims to help companies fulfill their responsibilities for their audiences for the greatest benefit to both parents and children. Assign rating based on content and age appropriateness.

The ESRB helps parents determine whether a particular game fits your child by providing important information grouped as follows: characters, content descriptions, and other interactive elements. You will find the ESRB ratings in the following: in the retail, digital video games or game package that you can download on the Internet and in mobile applications that give you access to the official ESRB website.

You do not have to deny your child as he enjoys playing online. Simply exercise your responsibility as a parent to regulate your online habits and choose the right games for children.