Why Reparations Should Be Paid To African Americans, and How it Can Be Done!

My Take on Structural Racism and How Reparations CAN be paid to Africa Americans


Much has been said about the question of Reparation to Black People in the United States in recent years and much is being done, largely outside of the gaze of the general public and with even less recognition by the main stream press.

The Cognitive Dissonance That attends just about every conversation on race in America serves to shield whites from their own collective responsibility on the matters of race and reparation.

This guilt will never subside until America as a whole can bring itself to have a honest conversation on race and the abuses visited upon black people and until a sincere plan has been laid out and executed to pay reparations to the Black community in the United States.

If Americas First Black President can pay 12 million dollars to Jews over the Holocaust when America had nothing to do with the Holocaust, then it can pay reparations for the crimes and abuses it has been responsible for!!

For this to begin to Happen more blacks and whites of conscious will have to use social media and main stream media to make reparations fashionable and acceptable to the masses of blacks and the general public, only with this kind of pressure can we break the log jam in Washington that holds back the push for reparations studies proposed by congressman John Conyers and his HR. 40 Bill.

Until them we in the social media should begin to raise awareness of the need for reparations for black people in the United States.

In the mean time some whites go on playing the same old opportunistic games, weather it is Barbecue Betty, Golfcart Gail or Permit Patty, the whites in the office who get you fired before you have a chance to report them to HR, white people in America are responsible for making the lives of black people all the more miserable by your actions.

These daily outrages take every conceivable form from racial profiling by police and now by ordinary citizens to indifference towards our victimization by everyday whites who contribute to the body of discriminatory and abusive attacks on the collective dignity of a people.

People like William A. Darity Jr lecture frequently and forcefully on the merits of paying reparations to black people in the united states, Dr. Carol Anderson at Emory University, Ta Nehisi Coates and others have written compelling articles or books about long standing disenfranchisement of African Americans in the United States until this very day .

Why Should Reparations be paid to African Americans, because since 1619, our descendants and our selves have been exposed to institutionalized and structural racism, slavery, Jim crow, red lining, lynching, benign neglect and deliberate disenfranchisement at the hands of all whites in the united states, not some as is the common assumption, but all, from the youngest adults to the oldest seniors, all of whom prosper from the accumulation of benefits, assumptions, conditions and wealth disparities collectively known as white privilege and take part in or add to the substance of white rage regardless of their personal beliefs or their economic situation.

Where ever black people and white people interface in America, these often invisible structures come in to play, whites benefit from the cognitive dissonance , the comfort of not knowing and the joys of receiving with out having to give.

It is not merely for the Crimes of the past for which reparations should be paid, that is to say the crimes of your great grandfathers, but for the crimes, collective, institutional and individual which are recorded almost on a daily basis.

Black Men cannot even go in to coffee shop and wait for a client without having some frightened, fragile white person over reacting and calling the police, who like the good wind- up automatons they are trained to be, rush in an mishandle the situation while some white women clutches her pearls and professes her fear.

Black homes routinely go for less than white own homes in majority white areas, some whites can' t even bring them selves to enter a for sale home if it is owned by even the most upstanding Black Family!

The spectrum of race based wrongs against my people is huge, to large to detail in this article, but it involves whites at every level of society, from cops to grocery clerks, taking it upon them selves to exercise their privilege, usually in the guise of security or law enforcement concerns to expose my people to everything from exclusionary behavior to utter disbelief that black person could be a doctor, cop, congressman's wife, astronaut or simply have the right to be where they are, doing what they are doing, and when we protest...we are told to go back to Africa!

And while the conflicting stories and articles about black on white and white on black violence are hurled like cannon balls in to the oppositions camp to show proof that things are as bad or not as bad as people think, one thing is clear, that despite the opposing claims of victimization on the part of the authors who write such pieces, Black people in America are still the biggest loser's, we make up only 17 percent of the population, as such we could not be nearly the treat whites believe us to be.

While America is waving charts and graphs in the air and making counter claims about when police shoot or do not shoot, the suffering of blacks... in silence, on a daily basis goes on.


The Dark Truth of America is that nothing has changed, only the forms of oppression have changed. Black families have only a fraction of the wealth of whites, blacks fill American jails all out of proportion to our numbers in society. In fact the jailing of the poor in general and blacks in particular has become one of the biggest businesses in America.

America will know its end by it's beginnings, it began as a society that embraced slavery wholesale it will end as one that hopes to pin its economic survival on jailing blacks and the poor for profit. And Like the people of early America who ran businesses that catered to slavery, people knew they were making hay ot of black bodies , they just told them selves as whites tell them selves today that they are not holding anyone in bondage, they are not holding the whip...they never had to either, they just had to do their bit.

Today we have companies making every thing from overpriced phone services, money transfer services , new prisons for the poor to work in, even tablets for the prisoner to use in their cells, all so mostly white people can capitalize black and poor white bodies, as in the days of Yore.

Reparations have a singular purpose, to repair the damage done in the past, be it the distant past or last week. As I write these words 2018 is coming to a close, a cursory review of just 2018 news in the United states will reveal hundreds of cases of racial profiling against Black people committed by white people , numerous stories about white cops and security guards abusing black people's dignity, over 200 blacks were killed by cops in the US this year, 16 black people who were unarmed were shot by police in 2018, over all almost 400 white people were shot and killed by cops but black people make up only 12 percent of our population. White Rage and White Fragility are the mean vehicles of racial abuse in the United States.

A Black person cannot exercise their first amendment rights with out loosing their jobs, being labeled a threat or opposed by figures of authority!

Because of Americas old corruption, institutionalized racism, where a black person is treated fundamentally different than a white person, I have lost many jobs in corporate America, often with no official reason. Many states in the US have laws that prescribe that people can be fired for any reason, unlike the EU for example where it is next to impossible to fire a person in some EU countries.

What American racism boils down to is one word, acceptance. In the Case of Black people in America it is the fact that we are not accepted, unless will fill some narrow little niche where whites can see us as being in our place!

The List of offenses against blacks for just being black, for being in MY country as some whites have been known to scream, for just living their lives as prescribed by the badly flawed and badly executed constitution and bill of rights boggles the imagination. And since the rise of Trump, things have only gotten worse.

I know what your gonna say, that black people should save their money, that we should work harder, that we should be more industrious. We tried all that, we are still trying all of that.

  • When we work hard, it frightens you,.
  • When we speak up for our rights, it frightens you.
  • When we have black only meetings you come and sit in the front row, let in the side door by some well meaning fool who does not recognize his enemy.

   When we talk among ourselves in our civic organizations, you spy on us, disrupt us , pass laws at two in the morning to stop our efforts, dress up your racism with phrases like : the law is the law.. and such.

When we build black only towns, white burn them down, as in Rosewood in Florida and Green wood in Oklahoma.

 When we form black only organizations or run for office you want to know "what does Jessy want ?" When he tells you... you are frightened!


Nothing scares white people more, faster than a Black man with a clear voice and a clear vision!


Black people in America can never work hard enough, study hard enough to buy our way out from under Americas system of institutionalized and structural racism.

I admit openly that many blacks have nice homes and some have good careers, but they pay a terrible price in many cases for that success, tying them selves in knots trying not to say or do anything that will set off fragile, white fears and get them fired , as has been the case for so many of us. I see blacks every day in hall ways and corridors of offices i visit.

Talking to their white counter parts about some nothing issues, like sports, often with an authority that belies the fact that they just want to be accepted at a superficial level.

As they talk they strain to convey a sense of value to the conversation, as if discussing sports or lasts nights TV show actually meant something in the scheme of their lives.

Since blacks can't talk about important issues like racism and class with out upsetting their white counterparts, they talk about sports, eat too many doughnuts at work, work them selves silly and die of diseases which often stem from all the over work and over exertion to be accepted and successful in the first place, this is one of the main reason I am no longer interested in being accepted as it were...the cost is just too high!

Through out Americans short history, white rage at the aspiration of blacks to be free and extract their portion of the fruits of American liberty have been met with every conceivable response, laws designed to subvert blacks right to vote, aggressive policing and seeing black communities as cash cows to fill the coffers of state and city budgets via arrests and tickets for petty or even non existent crimes such as experienced by Sandra Bland.

I my self have been ticketed or threatened with tickets by white cops and black ones for such crimes as not having signed my own auto registration or for driving on allegedly closed roads, which were actually open or supposedly running a yellow light.

America's system of racism is so interlocking in all aspects and at levels of daily life that it has become invisible.

In the office, in the judicial system, when the cop pulls you over, in the God Damned coffee shop, the posh condo where Barbe won't let you through the front door, in the gated community where the small man with something to prove in the security guard uniform assumes you are a threat just because your black...its every where in America and it's invisible and because invisible, it is hard to believe in!

Rather than trying to repeat the current arguments or Perot their reasoning I would like to direct your attention to the people who are spending the most time on the issue.

This video on YouTube would be a good start:


And this article as well:


There is no logical argument that can be made against reparations to black people in the US, there is president in the US for paying reparations to the Japanese and in Germany for reparations to the Jews who survived the Nazi atrocities, payments which were made to the state of Israel to the tune of 90 Billion dollars, for the deaths of around 800,000 people and survivors.

The Reason why Reparations should be paid and soon is clear, if you really love America and want to save it, you must be willing to look in the mirror and face what you see there, and what do you see? You see the Portrait of Dorian Grey dressed up as Uncle Sam, his face riven with the scars of the crimes he has committed against others, namely black people.

Paying reparations will not end racism in America but it will give black people the option to move out of America and make a new beginning as they would be wise to do.

Human nature being what it is , I do not think whites will suddenly have a change of heart where blacks are concerned, even if they vote to pay reparations, but over time the rage and fragility of whites may be submerged enough for America to evolve in to a truly civil society.

   Nothing scare white people more, faster than a Black man with a clear voice and a clear vision!

America had to reduce it self to being a miserable, racist society, known world wide for racism against black people in order to keep black people down, if America is to become anything other that what it is know for now it must begin by paying reparations to black people and restructuring itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Just the last hundred years of racism, lynching, destruction of black towns like rose wood and green wood and our current horrors of almost weekly shootings of unarmed black men by racist, frighten cops is more than reason enough, by itself to pay reparations now.

And yet people in Americas media continue to write articles opposing reparations, calling it racist and other things, such as the article lined below:

The Case Against Reparations

And this Gem from around 2003:


Whites know all the good reasons not to pay reparations, but forget that there were plenty of good reason to create a slave system and later a Jim Crow System.

You and Your Daddy may not have owned slaves or even used the N-word on a daily basis , but if you are a white person and your family came to the US any time from 1619 to yesterday, you are part of a matrix that lives by and for the exploitation of non white peoples.

To be an American means to be the inheritor of what has come before you arrived, that includes slavery, Jim crow, segregation, co-intel-pro, benign neglect, red-lining, three strikes, police brutality, a dual system of justice for whites and blacks, apathy and the retinue of tricks and policies arrayed against black people in America since her inception. Slavery aside for a moment, just taking in to consideration the institutional crimes committed against blacks in only the last 30 years would be more than adequate justification for reparations to be made.

I Think whats scares whites so much that they cannot even think about reparations is the innate knowledge that the crimes against black people are so manifold that to compensate Blacks for them , You might have to sign over the Entire United States!

I can assure you that such a drastic undertaking is neither part of anyone's serious plans for making reparations nor would it even be feasible, but there are ways to pay reparations to blacks with out the process being humiliating to collective white dignity or burn a hole in white pocket books!

Mind you, this is only an example, but after reparations were declared to be paid to every African American family by an act of congress or presidential decree, efforts could be made to locate these parties by cross matching IRS records with census data to locate all African American citizens living and out side of the united states. This should be fairly simply to do once the political will is in place, there would be no fraud perpetrated by people wishing to engage in a black version of the five dollar Indian, since most whites and people wanting to be white would not have time to slap on some black face and declare they were suddenly Black!

Once all the African Americans, including the ones in prison and homeless shelters were found the federal reserve could be instructed to do what it does best , create money out of thin air for newly created accounts, reparation accounts designed to allow African Americas to access their reparations payments by linking these new accounts to their existing, private bank accounts.

The bill or presidential order could also include a rescue package for whites as well, including some form of debt relief, income security in the form of a basic guaranteed wage or stipend, some kind of tax break or tax holiday Plus a massive rescue package for America's growing homeless populations . The only limit on the things that could be done is our own imagination! Black people would then have options they heretofore could only dream of, starting a business, buying a better home, paying for their children's college or moving out of the USA all together to start a new life and create a legacy worthy of the name !

There are bound to be protest and even the inevitable white backlash against blacks as they get their reparations, out of these events I would hope that a new consciousness would arise in black people, a reality that informs blacks that despite everything, they can depend only on each other for support and that this would encourage blacks to work together as they were forced to do in the days of green books and segregation.

Structural racism is designed so whites do not have to consciously engage in racist conduct, the treatment of black people became naturalized over time.

The reason put forth for the plight of blacks today very from personal choices to low IQ's, but seldom is an honest conversation had in the National media about the true, root cause of the condition of black people today.

 Today root cellar racists and uninformed, misled and misinformed whites alike continue to spout opposing notions, afraid of a future where they may have to give up something, they know not what... for making America a better place.

America's entire ,war loving, gun loving , violence loving culture is built on a foundation of exploitation, expropriation and outright theft. America as a nation, got to where it is today, not through some special quality of American character or particularly hard work and fare play, no it got to where it is through slave holding, disenfranchisement of blacks, Mexicans and native peoples, our life style of easy access to foreign resources and fuels , foods and products is in part the legacy of the Monroe doctrine, economic war fare against the global south, training of generations of dictators in the school of the Americas, being one of the largest sellers of weapons in the world, mostly to tin pot dictators, fomenting one crisis, one conflict after another from El Salvador to Iraq and rampant abuse of black people in America.

Do you think the US would have gone to Iraq, killed thousands of people with a bloody war and a decades long embargo that killed 500,000 people alone if the national export of Iraq had been Kumquats? We were in Iraq for oil and to help Britain hold on to Kuwait.

The Average American continues to trade in casual self deception and metal gymnastics to keep the con going that there is no problem, that reparations have no bases in fact or history.

If you are a white person and are at once offended by what i have said here and made curious about the reparations issue itself and feel that maybe there is room in your life to see how reparations to black people could even benefit you , then i ask you to see the links above for more insight.

It is not just the crimes of slavery however numerous that matter the most, it is the crimes of today and of yesterday that matter, every white person in America adds something to the substance of our condition in this country, either by your direct actions or your silent complicity.

You are a beneficiary and a contributor to the edifice of structural racism, weather you have edadded a ton of boulders to the foundation or just a half bucket of sand by agreeing with the actions or coded comments of your co workers.

The Future of America depends on those who have eyes to see with and ears to hear with.

Like Rome, America is a nation of immigrants and slaves and dispossessed people and like Rome the descendants of those slaves and new dispossessed will take over when the Patricians roll up their flags and go home!

Rome Began as a few mud huts along the Tiber and ended as spectacular ruins, visited by millions, America has fashioned her self as a modern Rome, complete with it's own Palatine hill, in Washington.

The United State has a choice, which as of the writing of this article it seems to be failing, where the elites can choose to turn over a new leaf and deal with Americas problems by making difficult and frankly painful choices, or the nation can continue it's slow decline to a final terminal phase. The Reparations issue may hold a solution for the entire countries welfare, not just those of African Americans.

A plan for reparations for Black Americans could also be engineered to serve the remainder of the general population as well, like the thousands living on Americas new skid rows and tent cities in Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Black people never got their forty acres and a mule and whites have woken up to find they are becoming homeless, debt ridden and forgotten by their government in the land their fore father's conquered!

America is a sinking life boat, whites are down at one end of the life boat and blacks at up at the other end, the life boat is still gonna sink, no matter what end of the boat you are in.

We can either hang together or we will surely hang separately.