My Entrepreneurial Journey

A take on my journey to entrepreneurship

This is my second venture into entrepreneurship. My first ended five years ago when I retired hair by Katrina. That business successfully ran for twenty-five years and I loved every moment of it. It allowed me to make a good living for me and my sons. It gave me the flexibility to be there for them when they needed me. I met some great people who are lifelong friends. But like most good things they had to come to an end. The economy had taken a turn for the worse leaving my business sorely lacking. I tried to keep it afloat for a couple of years, but all that did was drain my savings, leaving me no alternative but to seek other employment.

After retiring that business, I didn’t have a clue that I was about to start another one. I hadn’t given it much thought as to what I would do next other than having a steady paycheck coming in to pay the bills. My current job took me into a place that was uncomfortable for me. Before, I was shy and introverted. But now, because of my job requirements, I have to sometimes speak to large groups of people on a regular, sometimes daily basis. I’ve learned skills from this job that flowed over into Katrina’sWorks Publishing. This job was a lesson and an opportunity I never saw coming. I met people who have been instrumental in helping me further my business ventures and racked up skills and abilities that have been invaluable; experiences and people I would never had met had I stayed in my comfort zone. I am still amazed at how life can put you in positions that work hand in hand to get you to your goal.

By the time I started the new job, I had written and self-published my first book, not even thinking for one moment where it could lead me. It was written more so for therapeutic reasons rather than a first step to my second entrepreneurship.  That first book was my transition; my ground floor where I made many mistakes and wasted much money, but I learned from those hard lessons. I later realized I had to make those mistakes as a process in building my business. The lessons were not only for myself, but for those who I would later serve to prevent them from making the same.

After learning from the mistakes, I took to researching everything I could get my hands and eyes on about the industry. I soon discovered I had the starting tools for my business from my previous college courses that ranged from English composition to website design to creating videos. I took those skills, which I excelled in, and built on them because I love the work. I continued (and am continuing) with online classes that broadened and build upon what I already know.

When I started Katrina’sWorks Publishing, LLC, it was for the sole purpose of publishing my own work, but that was not all it was to be. (Sometimes Yah has other plans). I was quickly thrust into an arena that I was prepared for, but didn’t know was possible or an option at the time. As with my first business, after I published my first client’s book, I never looked back. Looking back is never an option, especially since I still have the strongest of desires to be self-employed again.

The point is, I may not be where I want to be at the moment, but I will reach that and beyond, because I have the drive, or if you will, the audacity to know I will, all because I believe in myself and what I am doing. I was given these talents for a purpose. Talents that I love and couldn’t imagine not using to create the future that I dream and desire.

I CHALLENGE each and every one of you to deploy your drive and use your talents to take you where you want to be in this life. I don’t care if you think you can’t for whatever reason, do it. Don’t let age or what you think are short comings stop you. DO IT! Yes there will be mistakes and challenges, but that is the process we have to go through in order to reach beyond goals and dreams. Whatever you are doing right now, stop (if you are able to) and set the first goal and make plans to meet it. Write them down. Make checklists and cross them off as you accomplish them.


Katrina Avant