Devices Of White Supremacy: Charity In Blackface

The devices of white supremacy unmasked. Showcasing the tools that white supremacists in governments use to create the Anti-Afrikan propaganda that is used to weaponise and dehumanise Afrikans around the globe.

Historically, white saviour industrial complex has been in Afrika for a long time, going back when Europeans entered into Afrika for over six centuries. They came with their bibles as missionaires, gave it to the locals to brainwash and at the end, they end up with the land, leaving Afrikans with nothing and purposely tacticfully European historians claim to "civilise Afrika" after the colonisation process. This has put a damage to Afrikan spirtuality, religions, traditional customs and norms over time. This has entrenched into the minds of Afrikans that everything white and European is superior to Afrikan which showed the process of conquering the Afrikan mind to head towards foreign alien concepts of European intellectualism, academia, social, religions and its languages. This has showcased the ugly history of Europe, of how they raped and enslaved Afrikans using the slave bible.

During the second half of the 20th century, Afrikans fighting for independence, the role of missionaires flowed in as Europeans knew they can exploit conquered Afrikans who turned to Christanity and Islam for centuries, giving foreigners easy access over their lives like easy access to Africa's natural resources. This has created a safe haven for colonisers to come in and save the day like "Superman" and "Superwoman" because Afrika is essentially politically starved on the world stage, regionally and nationally. As well as economically starved due to the lack of economic power through ownership, control of industries and production. The need to export natural resources as the use of bringing money into the fragile economy.

White Saviour Industrial complex has become more sophiscated in the twenty first century, instead of putting white saviour to save black skinned children, nowadays organisations are tuning into the trend of "People Of Colour" of using black people or coloured people to participate in the humiliation of African malenated people, stripping their dignity away in a perpetual negative light that ultimately destroys the economic activities of African countries preventing them from getting needed investment, brainwashing the diaspora of showcasing Neandrathal European gaze of Africa, a "dark continent", playing the same old colonial tunes when it comes to the motherland. One of white supremacy best tools is chairity and foreign aid under the liberal dogma that Africa needs chariy and aid to fix "their problems" putting bandaid over a gushing wound would not solve anything. It has shown time and time again since the wave in 1950s and 60s of so called the birth of new "independent" African countries. 

During the 70s when foreign aid started to be popularised after being introduced into Africa since 1958. It has reached a new level of where Africa has to be dependent on foreign aid and chairities. At the same time, as the western governments used their economic power to destroy other nations through economic warfare and sanctions. Inside, the western governments use intelligence agencies to carry out destablisation of African countries that do not subscribe to the west. For an example, the most famous one in Afrika, was Ethiopia famine in the 70s and 80s, this is where it was a golden opportunity for organisations like the BBC (British Broadcast Corporation) to come up with a charity organisation and a yearly event to "raise money for Africa" as if it is going to solve the problem. They used this opportunity to capitalise on Afrikan suffering and losses, as the world perpetually steal natural resources for their own gain. There has been an epidemic disease since 1990s and 2000s, in order for Afrika to gain favour with the US, they have to have the visionary socialist presidents killed and replace them with capitalist kkkoons that will do the bidding of the west. 

For hundreds of years this has been a problem that has been discussed among African think tanks, intellects, educators, teachers and scholars of the dehumanisation of Afrika where the west perpetuates poverty porn when it comes to discussing about Afrika in any context of any content whether on TV, online, in University think tanks and foreign relations. This has become a propaganize image for Afrika that have destroyed Afrika economically, socially and politcially. 

Since 2010s, there have been younger Afrikans abroad and in the continent that have been rejecting the propaganda in all forms of medium, from internet videos, tv, radio, blogging, podcasting, book writing and many more. 

Soft powers agenices of foreign aid, foreign NGOs with the use of media to create an agenda for the western governments to carry out regime change when policies are not enacted such as Neoliberal privatisation of industries that fits the recommendation of the US government, EU, UK, Bretton Woods institutions such as IMF, World Bank and BIS through Economic hitmen agents around the globe. This has created a space for the western governments to harbour terrorist attacks and use the continent as a playground. Furthermore, foreign NGOs can be backers of lobbying laws in countries to get their agenda done, for instance the failed LGBTQ law that was about to be repealed. This is how the west exerts its soft power diplomacy using these agents when it comes to Africa. 

Hard power diplomacy is another route the United States use using its military force and NATO to create a police state and ensuring countries abide by their chairites. This gives NGOs and Foreign aid enormous power tactics from the west to buy out politicians and prevent changes coming to an African country to succeed their objective of pillaging and robbing Africa from her natural resources. 

Today, I see a lot of black Hollyweird kkkoon celebrities, as well as ordinary sambos to participate in these chairites by donating money and to go far as working with those organisation, in order to keep these Neandrathal corrupt chairity organisations alive. This contradicts their way of so called "helping", where in fact it is making the situation much worse. Chairities today have been busted of harbouring pedophilies in the organisation to target their predators, who are young children. As been discovered lately in the news about Oxfam activites of employees participating in a child trafficking pedophile ring and orgy parties in Liberia. This goes against those who claim of being a "pan-african" who cares about the youths, the children of mother Afrika, but let enemies come to harm, hunter, murder and kill innocent children and essentially rob their innocence. This is a massive problem for Afrika that it must face head on and eliminate it in which I personally advocate for the banning of foreign Neandrathal NGOs, banning foreign aid, taking note from Ethiopia by banning foreigners adopting children, and protecting Afrika from chairiy organisations that destablise Afrika and rob the management of Afrikan governments and their budgeting which 2/3s get lost of Africa's total government budget. At the end of the day, these quick scam, get rich fast is another way to rig the rotten system. 


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