Devices Of White Supremacy II: Kkkorporate Amerikkka Homophile Agenda

The second series of devices of white supremacy talks about how KKKorporate Amerikkka uses Foreign Direct Investments to shape national policies in order to push an depopulation agenda from the bedroom to the boardroom.


This series will focus on how the United Snakes Of Amerikkka and their Kkkorporate Amerikkka uses foreign direct investment from their corporations and the United Snakes state department to push an feminist and depopulation deathstyle agenda on the Afrikan soil.

Since 2014 and 2015, there have been a western media push on Kenya on the issue of LGBT as they have been tracking anti-LGBT groups making inroads across East Africa. As Tanzania has been cracking down on Homophiles and their sick LGBTQAWXYZ agenda since 2016.

Back in January 2018, the US state department spent $592,000 on Kenyan Gender study that suggested violent extremism in Kenya stems from "ideals of masculinity", rather than radical ideology.

The US state department used Afrikan descendants of Amerikkka taxpayer money exploring the subject of "Toxic Masculinity" in an African country.

The pupose of the study which directly targeted tough Afrikan heterosexual men, pinned them of bringing Islamist extremism in Kenya, suggesting that men are "uniformly patriarchal and highly perscriptive".


One year later, in January 2019, the Rothschilds family owned The Economist, pushed an Homophile Pedophilia agenda, a YouTube video on Kenya with LGBT hacktivists from the western world, Europe and in collaboration with paid prostitute kkkoons in Kenya pushing this homophile agenda in East Africa for a parliamentary vote in February 2019 to push a bill that decriminalises Homophile behaviour with the excuse of "decolonisation" which is an insult to Afrikans. What was the goal of this push. In this video below, the goal for this agenda was to spark and spread across East Afrika and across Afrika in Central, West and the rest of Southern Afrika, if Kenya decides to go ahead and push this agenda forward. This sick agenda has been pushed into courts since February but has been set in delays and pushed back until May.

Why Kenya? Because Kenya, Nairobi capital is now a new Afrikan hub for western Neandrathal owned multinational corporations to come in and invest in the city and setup corporate bases since the beginning of this decade such as Bosch Corporation, Blackberry Ltd, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Rockerfeller Foundation, Qualcomm, MasterCard, Intel, Nestle, Visa, Nokia and many more from the eastern-pacific Eurasian/Asian powers like Russia, China, Japan, Korea and India as well as they all push their destructive imperlialistic base to profit off from the city and don't pay taxes as these corrupt Kkoon governments relaxes taxes and turn Nairobi into a new safe tax haven for the western multinationals. In conjunction, there is an organisation that works with all western corporations that they must adhere, such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) with its Human Rights Corporate Equality Index that is dedicated to pushing the Homophile agenda which an organisation founded in 2002, that has 725,000 members and supporters around the United Snakes that has its ultimate goal of spreading its tenticles around the world. If a corporation does not subscribe to this, the organisation can hook its tenticles in courts and organisations to shut down any business and also to an extent blacklisting a country from investments and pushing countries not to trade or business with that does not subscribe to the Homophile agenda.

Neandrathals who are travelling sex offenders who come to Kenya and the rest of Afrika to push their sick pedophilia agenda on the Afrikan youth who are the most targeted and the most vunlerable. Last year, a UK pedophile was jailed for a pittiful 18 years in the corrupt pedophile whorehouse UKKK who prayed on Afrikan children which he has been visiting a village in Kenya for 20 years. During these trips, which began in January of 2016, would abuse and rape Afrikan children and also attempt to manipulate and bribe them into helping his sick self to prove his "innocence". This has proved how useless the Kenyan authority and civil society has been, neglecting the Afrikan children which they are also to blame for letting this fucker into the country and enabling western governments to carry out psychological warfare programs such as the United Snakes "Deep" State Department from shamless bribery to harm Afrikan children.


Brief History Of LGBT Connections with NAMBLA 


Watch this minute video here via @BeninWorld Instagram

In 1978 an North American pedophile organisation called NAMBLA was founded in Califronia, US that created a space for pedophiles to target vulnarable children back when pedophilia was considered doctors to be a mental disorder in the 70s and 80s. However, the slippery slope effect came. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Since then, there has been a gradual move towards making LGBTQWRXYZ agenda more into the mainstream and has taken over to drown those who are striaght masculine Afrikan males and those who disagree with their sick agenda. The shift to pedophilia embedded into the Homophile agenda goes back to 2003, when a group of mental health "professionals", who are actually mentally disabled Neandrathals formed a group called to redfine pedophilia as a sexual orientation, calling them 'minor attracted people' or MAP.

What is the goal? Well, the goal is to get MAPs protected under the same "Equality Laws" as LGBTQWXYZ. Which is why there is a push to add the "P" into LGBTQ as LGBTQP. There is an underlying progression to sexualize children at  younger and younger ages by promoting the idea that normal friendships are actually sexual attraction. Once that idea is widely accepted in the public, society, pedophilia as a result will be accepted. Then, pedophilia will be removed as a mental disorder and they will lose their disability status just like Homosexuality back in 1973/1974.


Do they not factor in all the children who are harmed and scarred for life, when they consider making pedophilia normal and culturally acceptable? It brings to the mind of the Neandrathal Liberal Feminist pro-death crowd whose mantra has always been "It's our body, we can do what we want with it!" 

In the same way, like Homophiles and Pedophiles that are intertwined in their ideology and way of thinking through their behaviour that they were born to desire pre-pubescent children in a sexual way. They care not about the children, only about themselves.

Today, it has gotten so bad, it has slipped through today nonsense western academia talks such as the famous TEDx talks where a Neandrathal "academic" speaker called Mirjam Heine attempted to push an agenda of normalising pedophilia which had faced backlash from the public which led to TEDx deleting the video off their platform on YouTube and Vimeo. As they scuffle to distance themselves from the video and pretend the talk never happened. Also, you have  a online space that is a so called "fact-checker" which is actually a folklore website that the controlled Rothschilds, Rockerfeller, Murdoch large corporate media congromlerate uses to "debunk conspiracy theories" from alternative media websites. It is a website that is controlled by a corporation called Proper Media that has financial backing from banking and philantropist elites, George Soros and James Randi Educational Foundation and a partnership with Silicon Valley, $uckerberg Facebook Inc (digital FBI) in a page lol. It tried to skirt around the evidence and debunk this TED video as "misinformation". However, since it is the internet, anything that is posted and deleted online, gets recirculated back to the web by various YouTube channels that captured and archived it. I found the video of this Pedophilie Feminist advocating for the nomralisation of pedophilia. Yeah, the "ideas" by the Neandrathal elites "worth spreading" this sick disgusting agenda to the global masses. You can watch the embedded video here below:

What are the powers that be agenda. To have unhuman elites to have access to children without barriers of the law through money and social engineering push through institutions that they can control and alter for their objective to pass.

Read and watch damming reports from this blog I've found that reveals the Neandrathal banking elite gangsters global sick Pedophilic murderous profitable black market agenda syndicate at a global scale across Europe, Asia and Afrika, from low level civil society, government officials and politicans, police, army, and the victims that came out to tell their stories on what goes on behind closed doors, out of the mainstream controlled media.






Watch A damming story from a victim who was a child sex slave who was sold by her psychopathic evil Neandrathal "mother" to these Neandrathal banking and politican elites in Europe back in the 80s, featured ironically in a TEDx talk:



At the end of the dark tunnel, there is always light under the tunnel. On May 22nd, all the major corporate western media pushed out ther mourning over this Homophile Sexually Kkkoonfused AfroNegropean Binyavanga Wainaina who writes Homophile crap and also a Hactivist died at 48 from the Homophile disease that pushed for the Homophilia which ironically he has been suffering from that deathstyle disease for several years which lead to his death and also his prostitute male partner back in 2012. Well, it's nature that put out the western diseases that has been plaged Kenya, East Afrika in the 21st century, to that end good riddance. Two days later, on May 24th, the day before Africa day, Kenya high courts has decided that no Homophila Pedophilic agenda will pass as law that will turn into marriage that pushes Afrika to the normalisation of this sick behaviour, setting the dark trap of depopulation and the destruction of values, customs and norms of Africa's traditions that has always been embedded into the Afrikan soceity throughout Afrikan history. This is a not only a mere symbolic victory, it is a victory for Afrikans who naturally and strongly oppose this foreign Greek Eurotrash Pedophilia Homophile Deathstyle degenerate confused agenda that is being waged and pushed on the young vunlerable Afrikan males and females. It is a sign, that protecting the Afrikan child and the Afrikan family comes first before "foreign investment"/ "foreign direct investments" in this rotten Neandrathal Neoliberal KKKapitalist system that reck people lives around the globe. The powers that be are scared of strategic greedy economic agendas to pillage and take control 100% of the worlds natural resources and economies and can't manage a population of 4 Billion black Afrikans over the next century and can't handle them being inhabitated all over the rich resourced Afrikan continent that has the size of a capacity to have up to at least 10 Billion plus Afrikan inhabitants as it is the second largest continent on earth, with the most sparsely populated continent compared to the desnly populated tiny European peninsula of over 500 million today of declining birth rate and dying European population struggling to replace as governments pay couples to have babies to an extent of giving out the last pieces of land to couples. Which they have no other solution, because the Neandrathal race is heading towards their extinction over the next 50-100 years from now, as the world becomes blacker natrually which has caused alarm among social and political sceintists. 

Wake up to reality, we are at the top of their food chain and we must eliminate the threat and the disease from the cave beasts! Because their ultimate fear is the rise of the black planet by the 22nd century as they try many agendas from a global planned parenthood that their aims is to eliminate the original humans, Afrikans which is genocide that is under the cloak of sending girls to schools and participating in education which which is not working at the end as Afrikan governments have finally been fighting back with Afrikan activists who are against this sick Afrikan genocide agenda. As a result Neandrathal conservatives don't like this concept because it hurts their dying European population as they defund all programs relating to planned parenthood nationwide and worldwide. This agenda has been an advocacy among Neandrathal philantropist elites like Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundations with also the use of forced vaccinations and artificial engineered mosquitos to drain the Afrikan race from the planet. Know their game, we are at war, we are prisoners of war. It is all about genetic annihailation which stems from the roots of white supremacy because they are coming after our fture Afrikan children and we must prevent their dirty plans moving forward successfully.

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I recommend you to watching The New Slave Trade: Pizzagate that reveals sex trafficiking from government officials, high office officials and elites in Washington DC, nationwide and around the western world, presented by Irritated Genie, a founder of Striaght Black Pride: