Unity is the Key

We don't have to agree on everything in order to be united. The main thing we really have to agree on, is who our enemy is. Let that soak in for a minute.


The proof is ALWAYS the truth; Factx! Whether you like it or not! Everything else is speculation or opinion. This is important because our people tend to let our personal opinions and beliefs get in the way of our progression as a collective. Keep your personal opinions and beliefs to yourself when it comes to Our Empowerment. Our Empowerment is about us progressing as a unit, period! Our enemy doesn't agree on nor believe the same things - but they put ALL of that aside when it comes to the empowerment of their people as a whole. We MUST learn from this!

We MUST agree on who our enemy is and that we are at war with them, right now! If you work for the enemy, then you are, too, the enemy. (If you don't know, our enemy is ANYONE who directly or indirectly, stands in the way of our collective progress)

We must NOT make ANY deals with our enemy and any previous deals MUST be settled and moved away from, completely ASAP. The enemy MUST be kept out of our affairs and endeavors.

We must NOT conflict with one another to the point that we lose sight of our enemy. We MUST accept that we will ALWAYS have disagreements and differences of opinions, beliefs, practices, etc. but also understand that we must NOT let these distractions allow our enemy to catch us BOTH with our guards down.

We MUST deal with our own people (positive and negative); build with our own and 'handle' our own problems.

We MUST protect our own from our enemy at all costs; by any means necessary.

We MUST create our own and support and protect what we have already created. Whatever we get from outside of our communities MUST be put into our communities and if there's something(s) that We don't have We MUST create it and protect it as well.

We MUST help our own when needed. We cannot continue to let our enemy 'help' our people. When the enemy 'helps' you, the intentions are for the overall benefit of the enemy, NOT you!

We MUST teach our own. We cannot continue to let our enemy teach our people; especially, our children.

Elders MUST be an example of what is supposed to be. Our children MUST see us doing what we preach. We MUST be the Foundation of a Great Nation.

If you don't have any idea of what unity is and/or how unity works. My advice is to study how bee or ant colonies function. ALL successful nations function similarly to the way that bee and ant colonies function.

I also recommend this for book for reading: https://producejustice.com/