Changing room - where do I start?

In fact, I have received many emails from our Active Rain members about their interest in real estate as investors or about adding real estate agents to their businesses.

In fact, I have received many emails from our Active Rain members about their interest in real estate as investors or about adding real estate agents to their businesses. I will answer this question again, even though I have already posted the standard reply to the blog that I have posted for more than 20 years. This time I answer how I started as a real estate agent / investor and what I went through to find success. This is not a quick ad sales system to get rich, but a professional system that those interested can take easier when I started. My goal with Probate Real Estate is for every California agent to understand that he / she has a whole new source of real estate if they just take the time to listen and learn and for less than what they want to spend on tomato . plants for your yard or doorway or anything else we as agents (I did too) to find new business.

All I had when I started this niche was a book that I paid $ 180 for in 1988, which was about testamentary real estate. At the time, he had been a full-time agent for 14 years, considered a superior producer, and went on to do regular business, forced auctions and anything else he could find with potential. I took a $ 500 seminar after a seminar, but nothing appealed to me. Additionally, the masses did, and I looked around and saw 500 people in the audience all learning the same secrets. I will say that I have won foreclosures and REOs, paper purchases, VA repos, options, but nothing has been the test where I could win steadily, no matter what the real estate market was.

The book on real estate that I found (the only one offered at the time) really appeals to me after reading it several times. I checked the court following the instructions and found the files and wow there was real estate in those files. I did what the system said, but I didn't have much success. I did not want to give up because while working in these wills I learned more and more and I noticed that not many agents contacted the property and that the only competition I had was friends with the real estate lawyers to whom he / she consulted the farm when it came time to sell. I really obsessed with this new business source, but I couldn't decipher it. Then I started on some other things, and then I got it right at my first successful launch. Now try to understand what I was getting into. The executor was the lawyer for the inheritance, as all the heirs lived outside the state and did not want to do so. The lawyer’s realtor was a big player in my town and he was going to show me the house (what options did he have here). After he was interested in bidding, the developer who bought some lots of the property next door would also own this property when he learned it from the lawyer who bid. How the hell did I get this deal? He was a New Testament agent, but had many years of real estate experience. What I did about this sale that an average new agent or investor couldn't do as a rookie. I wish at that time I had had someone to talk to about what I was doing and the strategy, but there was none. I went ahead and after 3 months of negotiating I closed it, I sold it in 3 days and my partner and I won about $ 60K in the deal. My first testament agreement and I still have a picture of the testamentary home on my wall.

My point here is that I had no (mentor) and I had to solve it by path and error. Today, my students simply pick up the phone and can talk to me when they have questions or items on the students' bulletin board, and not only do I answer, but also answer other investors and realtors with more experience in my system. Today it is easier for me to be surprised that so many more agents are not looking for inheritance.