The Insane Truth About The Asian Hair Industry Targeting Black People

Whenever we, Afro-descent people buy hair extensions and wigs there is a good chance we are boycotting our economic power and diverting wealth away from our dreams and future generations.

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This message is for sisters who spend a lot of money on wigs and hair extensions - I am not talking about women who need wigs for medical reasons - I am talking about the other 99%. 

And this message is also for Black brothers who believe that straight hair, weaves, and wigs, etc. are more beautiful for Black women than our natural - God-given wooly hair.

The issue is that the industry of hair extensions/wigs for Blacks is generating billions for Indian-owned and Chinese - owned businesses at the expense of the Black women and Black communities overall. 

Whenever an Asian woman cut her hair and sell it, she gets paid around 100 - 300 USD, she builds herself and her household up while the Black woman is spending her money on Indian and so-called Brazilian hair, hence sacrificing her financial freedom and the betterment of her own household. 

Indians and Chinese businesses mix that human hair they bought from the Asian women with chemicals and non-human hair and will sell it as so-called 100% human hair.

Black women spend the money that should go to their land ownership, education, seed capital for the household businesses and give it to the Indians and Chinese owned businesses, just because they are too lazy to maintain, plaiting and unplaiting their own Black hair as one African lady tried to justify lately on social media?

This chemically processed Asian hair extensions and wigs - mixed with a lot of synthetic components are also destroying the earth ecosystems - not mentioning the impact of some of these products ending up in people's bloodstreams.


People also like to justify these behaviors by telling us that our great ancestors used to wear wigs and extensions - However we live in a different world today where Black people straighten their hair, go through  nose surgery and bleach their their skins to attempt looking more Caucasians due to the anti-Black racism faced by Black people within the Western civilizations and the self-hate therein that some of our people are going through. So mentioning our ancestors' practices would seem quite irrelevant when talking about the issues we are facing in 2019.  We need to awake and realize how bankrupted we are spiritually and economically when supporting these industries. 

Black women as an economic group are spending billions on businesses owned by foreign nations and then they go to church asking Jesus to give them money. This does not make sense spiritually. 

What I've written above is what I tell myself on a bad hair day when I feel lazy and tempted to buy wigs and extensions. I am just sharing it for sisters to be encouraged with no obligation.


Blessings and stay woke, 

Nafshiyah, blogger and entrepreneur activist at


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